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The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN), today warned against the idea of foisting of Muslim-Muslim ticket on Nigerians ahead of the 2023 presidential election, noting that it would be unacceptable to the Christian populace.

The PFN President, Bishop Wale Oke, who is also the President of The Sword of the Spirit Ministries, gave the warning at the grand finale of a 5-day Zoe World Congress tagged Zoe Worship Extravaganza held at the International Conference Centre, University of Ibadan.

Speaking at the event organized by his ministry, the PFN leader described, as evil and selfish, those behind the agenda of having a Muslim/Muslim Presidential ticket at the coming polls.

Though he said the PFN was not interested in any party, he maintained that any of the parties that does not factor in the interest of the Christian community in the country, would fail.

“It is disturbing that with the 2023 general elections fast approaching, some politicians who are hell-bent in further scuttling the fragile peace in the country, are desperately seeking to foist a Muslim/Muslim political agenda on us, a development that will further throw unsavory spanner into the works, fiber and the tenuous peace of the nation,” he said.

“Nigeria is a nation predominantly populated by Christians and Muslims. In fact, the PFN which by the grace of God I head today, has a membership strength of over 65 millions adherents of Jesus Christ. So, we vehemently say no to Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket; we say no to arrangement that will relegate the Christians to obscurity. This we shall resist by all available lawful means.

“We urge that we follow the routes already taken by the previous administrations of Obasanjo, Yar’adua, Jonathan and Buhari, so as to avoid the pitiable paths some are trying to tread for selfish reasons and aggrandizement.

“Anyone who is flying a Muslim/Muslim Presidential ticket is satanic and from the pit of hell. The Lord, God of hosts, will crush that satanic agenda. Any party that flies a Muslim/Muslim Presidential ticket has failed completely. In fact, it will not only fail, it will scatter.”

Wale Oke, PFN
Bishop Wale Oke, PFN president

He prayed that those behind the plot would not succeed, adding; “It is only the will of God for Nigeria that shall prevail, not the satanic agenda of any corrupt, selfish, self-centered unpatriotic, evil politician who thinks he has enough money to buy up the South West of Nigeria, and the whole of the nation.”

Besides, he said: “Nigeria belongs to all of us and it will only thrive when there’s fairness, equity and justice. This we are calling for in all our engagements in the country.

“If the two major political parties in the country field Muslim/Muslim candidates, they will both fail. What we want is a Christian President. Buhari must hand over to a Christian. Let everybody know that any arrangement short of that will be totally unacceptable to us. The 65 millions strong members of PFN are vehemently opposed to any arrangement of that nature.”

He, however, prayed for peace in the country, imploring those itching to destroy it through their selfish pursuits and primordial sentiments, to have a rethink.


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