Tinubu has a lot of work to do in fixing  Nigeria - Florence Ajimobi
Florence Ajimobi

Mrs. Florence Ajimobi  is the  widow of the former late governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka  Abiola Ajimobi, who died  few years back. Since the  death of her husband, she has been very outstanding in the politics of Oyo State  and as a mother figure in  the All Progressives  Congress (APC). She has been getting involved in most of the activities of the party, and at one time or the other, been  a mediator in the  feuds involving members of the party, especially during the crisis that followed  the governorship primary of the APC.

In this interview  with some journalists  including the Business Hallmark  Olusesan Laoye, she talked about the the way forward for Nigeria and what is expected of the Administration  of the next  Federal government of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in making Nigeria a better  place for all.


The general elections have been held and the winners  have emerged  both at the Federal and the states, how will you describe  the process of the elections and the agitations that followed  it?

The elections to some  extent was credible, though with some issues which are understandable  but by and large,  the process has continued to improve from time to time. Again Nigerians are now more  enlightened and  they are taking the issue of election seriously than before.

The enthusiasms of the youths too, has shown that the future of democracy  is very bright in Nigeria because it has shown also  that the youths  are now ready to drive it. I will also want to say that the Independent National  Electoral  Commission (INEC) has improved  its modalities  in  the conduct  of the  last elections, compared to what we used to have  in the past.

Now that  the APC which you are a member and worked for  has eventually won  the presidential election,  what do you have for  the president-elect,  Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu?

First and foremost  I did not have the doubt in my mind, I knew  he was going to win the election because  he had worked so hard to get to that stage of contesting the election. He has built a lot of people around him.

Honestly, we all worked very hard too, for the election. The Tinubu I know has built strong relationships  across Nigeria which worked for him in that election. What people are saying now baffles me because  he was the candidate  to beat.

For me, Tinubu’s victory  was the confirmation of what I believed in. Though it is not all the time that  you work  so hard that you get  good result but his hard work over the years  is now worth it.

What has been the motivation that made you to Work for Tinubu?

The motivation has always  been there. As the coordinator  of women for the Tinubu’s  Presidential Campaign in Oyo State I did my best to motivate the women in the State and I am happy that our efforts never went in vain. I must say that this was not achieved  by me alone; it  was the collective  efforts of all of us, particularly  women in Oyo State and I  am thanking the women for their support  and standing by  Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

With the situation of things now in Nigeria, do we expect a magic from the President-elect  and how do you think he is going to tackle  all these numerous problems?

I am sure and I believed  there is going to  be a change. Though it is the same APC, Asiwaju for me, is a performer  and a great administrator. I am  expecting  that magic from him. He has done that in Lagos State. He came into Lagos state when the economy  of the State was not that buoyant  and he built  the economy  and laid the foundation which subsequent  governments are  currently following.

After his tenure  as the governor of the state, we have seen tremendous  improvements  in governance  and as far as I am concerned, he would do well as the President  of Nigeria because  he is an experienced  man and a good manager.

He is also going to improve on what the present  government of President Muhammadu Buhari has  done. The issue of governance is continuity  and no one  or individual  can finish governance. When you get there you have to continue  on what is on ground and improve on it. No doubt,  President Buhari has done his best  and I am  sure, Asiwaju would perform  and he is going to surprise  Nigerians. He is capable of turning  the  economy of the country around  and I know that he has already mapped out how the security issues in Nigeria would be tackled.

There are complaints  over  Tinubu’s  emergence, what is your take on this?

Don’t let us deceive ourselves  he won the election clear  and simple and those who are claiming  that the election was  rigged in his favour, should  be able to prove that  at the Election Tribunal. The doors are open to them and  I am sure that  at the end of the day no evidence to that effect would be found.

The problem  we have in Nigeria is that we hardly accept defeat and now that they have  gone to the  tribunal to challenge his election, they should wait for the outcome  and not resort to violence in wanting a redress. At the tribunal  all fact would be laid on the table and I can assure  you that Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu would be vindicated.

What I will also expect from Nigerians now is to cooperate  with Tinubu, and people  should come out with  ideas on how to move the country forward so that we can build this country  to a greater  height  collectively. People should allow him to concentrate on governance and those who have good ideas should come forward  and extend hands of fellowship to him and   I am sure he would welcome them.

What do you think the composition of his cabinet would be?

Tinubu is an experienced  politician and he has said it that he would assemble  the best materials and those  he would appoint  would make Nigeria proud. That is exactly  what he would do.

One of the key issues now in Nigeria today is that  of restructuring. How do you think the coming government  is going to address  this?

Well this is definitely  one of the issues which the coming Federal government should look into in order to further cement the existing  unity in Nigeria. This would also reduce the agitations of marginalisation  here and there.
This would go a long  way to  address the issue of insecurity  because  each zone or region would map out how some of these  issues would be solve according to the dictates of the region.

What other areas  will you want the government of Tinubu to tackle?

One of the areas which I would expect the coming government  to look into is education,  the employments of  the youths and empowerment  of women. I will like women to be more involved  in governance and programmes of the new government of the APC. I am sure  Asiwaju  Ahmed Bola Tinubu is already listening  to  the requests of the people and he would do something  about them.

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