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As Ago-Iwoye Celebrates Monarch’s 20th Anniversary, By Tola Adeniyi



As Ago-Iwoye Celebrates Monarch's 20th Anniversary


It has been a week- long festivities in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the coronation of Alayeluwa Oba Abdulrazak Adesina Adenugba as Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye Kingdom.

The city of Ago-Iwoye, the second town to have a City Council, after Lagos in 1935 and which also attained City status in 1974, was agog with colours and splendour as Indigenes of all ages, classes and grades trooped out in appreciation and solidarity with their most friendly and most accessible Monarch who has been visible and engaging in the last two decades.

Just like yesterday.

After successfully weathering the usual storms that naturally attend new status either in marriage or political landscape, Oba Adenugba established himself firmly and solidly on the throne of his forefathers and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

King Abdulrazak Adenugba the most educated monarch, with two Masters degrees, to reign in Ago-Iwoye is also blessed with good looks, charming and charismatic personality, sartorial excellence and dignified carriage which make him stand out in any gathering.

Oba Adenugba’s reign has been a huge blessing to Ago-Iwoye in every area of human endeavours. The city has grown in leaps and bounds, several imposing palatial buildings, corporate offices, hotels and resorts, world-class entertainment arenas, sporting facilities, a mini stadium, educational institutions including two universities and refurbished township roads and bridges have all enriched the skyline of the metropolis.

Millionaires sprang up at home and abroad and unprecedented investments were poured into the City.

Ago-Iwoye has never been this blessed.

Committed politicians, extremely patriotic wealthy individuals and newly created age grades all combined to give fatherland their all.

Credit for this unprecedented commitments goes to the Ebumawe, a retired banker and investments guru, who used his extraordinary mobilization skills to draw the best of the best to join him in moving his Kingdom forward.

Ebumawe Adenugba would go down in history as one Monarch, who enthusiastically associates with the aspirations and activities of his subjects.

In the last 20 years there has been no public event organized by any Ago-Iwoye indigene, anywhere in the country, which he didn’t attend at his own expense.. unless he’s not invited.

He has graced three public presentations of my books in Lagos..2008, 2010 and 2018 and I remain eternally grateful for the rare honour.

Oba Adenugba loves Ago-Iwoye, breathes Ago-Iwoye, dreams Ago-Iwoye and makes Ago-Iwoye his life!

Little wonder therefore that the citizens of the Kingdom love him passionately, totally, unequivocally and unconditionally.


In congratulating His Royal Majesty, special gratitude and cheers must be extended to Baba Oba, the intellectual General and Philanthropist, His Royal Highness Dr Sansadeen Awosanya, the Asiwaju of Ago-Iwoye and multidimensional investments Guru, Dr Alex Onabanjo, the Olori Omooba of Ago-Iwoye and Insurance Baron Dr Feyisayo Soyewo and Oluomo of Ago-Iwoye and Banking Sensation Dr Femi Bakre as point of contact to all Age Grades and Associations.

Special place for the royal descendant of the legendary Ochosi, His Royal Highness, Professor Sola Adebajo, the Osoolu of Ososi town, whose ancestors welcomed autochtonous people from seven towns who fled their homesteads and poured into his vast expanse of land in 1830.

Of course I congratulate the entire Ago-Iwoye people, the seven towns and their titular heads and all the 100s of Baales.

Once again Hearty Congratulations ???? to the Ebumawe, Ekun Erigba, the superlatively handsome Oba Abdulrazak Adesina Adenugba, OkokodanaMeji ll.

K’ade pe l’ori ki bata pe l’ese.

High Chief Tola Adeniyi,
Bobagunwa l of Ago-Iwoye Kingdom & Otunba Fimogboye of Igan Town, Ago-Iwoye.

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