By Wale Alabi

After the glaring evidence that Osun State University is speedily becoming a model among its peers, it’s quite unfortunate to read the recent exasperating statements of one of the rogues and a morally bereft dismissed staff of the institution gaslighting the general public and making mockery of the integrity of various decent elders who volunteered to serve at the university. The said writer was dismissed after being captured pants down on tape trying to have sex with a student.

In his watery and verbosely written falsehood; the rogue doctor alleged that Uni Osun Vice Chancellor is operating a monarchical system of administration, he assumed an unsolicited position of scaremongering then, started agitating for change of leadership. His reason for advocating for change of leadership at the citadel of knowledge is not far fetched, the current council has created a hostile environment for corruption to thrive safely. The management has webbed the purse of the institution in such a way that no penny can slide without going through rigorous scrutiny. This new system is too hot and could not accommodate characters that are hellbent on murdering decent operations at the university except they have a change of mind.

Though, members of the public and bystanders who have been actively monitoring and following events at the school over a period of time would easily understand reasons behind the new drama of shame being currently displayed by the rogue doctor and his cohorts.

In this part of the world (Yorubaland), it is a common knowledge and tradition that corrupt and immoral persons cannot comfortably share same bench with men and women of proven integrity. Right now at the university, it is practically impossible for anybody who has tendencies of insincerity in his/her dealings to have a face in the new progressive environment currently being operated by the university council and management.

Professor Labode Popoola who is the direct recipient of their rascality, pillories and insults has distinguished himself to be a disciplined administrator and disciplinary personality par excellence that believes all transactions must follow its laid down rules and established ethics guiding the operations of; the school, the staff and the management without compromise. Whereas, event has continued to unveil that VC antagonists in the union are men and women of questionable characters whose attitudes almost sent the university into extinction before Prof Popoola rescued the institution.

Before the emergence of the current Vice Chancellor, corruption had taken over all transactions and operations of the university. You won’t need lenses to see illegality, conspiracies and indiscipline freely working and walking across various departments of the institution. Insincerity; negligence, bypass of procedures and financial recklessness were the old normal at the university.

All eyes could see and sane minds knew the simple narrative that University of Osun was experiencing a strong desire for positive whirlwind before the era of Professor Popoola. When the erudite professor came on board, he was confronted by numerous operational deficiencies which had snowballed to a hard stub militating against all efforts to maximize Osun State University’s capabilities. Sitting on the chair of leadership well prepared, Professor Popoola has rejigged and repositioned the institution on a path to greatness and he has continued to be an apostle of the permanent change which Osun State University deserves.

Vice Chancellor Popoola continue to reinvest his experience in grantsmanship, research and administration on transformation of academic and research terrains and general administration of the University in manners that is benefiting society and raise the reputation of Osun State University.

When it becomes glaring that old things had truly passed away with all leakages tactically blocked, majority of the school staffs realigned with the current sheriff except some lugubrious union members who were lords of the old system and who see Uni Osun as their personal “money making machine”. These disgruntled elements commissioned themselves to fight the change mantra. Unfortunately for these rogues, the Vice Chancellor defeated them in all fronts with his selfless and exemplary leadership with integrity and firmly playing by the rules.

The Vice-Chancellor was not asking for too much, he just wanted his antagonists within the union cultivate good character, work with high moral standard and follow established rules while handling the school businesses and contracts (tangibles and intangibles).

Is it not even funny that a dismissed lecturer who is miles away from being a professor is arrogantly parading himself as something important? The rogue lecturer had forgotten that the university laws allow the governing council the power to hire and fire whosoever in its judgement believes to be fit or unfit for the institution. There is no law in the whole world that hierarchically places any employee ahead of his employer, not to even talk of an employee of flippant and dubious character.

The general public is aware of the tremendous success the current council has recorded in all ramifications of academic existence. It will be so difficult for any group of corrupt tendencies camouflaging themselves as union members to rubbish. It won’t be too much for the school to quarantine these rogues for the overall sanity of the university soaring reputation.

Opinion Writer/ Fin Manager/ Activist/ Politician, Former SSA, Regional Integration,
State of Osun.


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