Tonto Dikeh calls ex-husband Churchill 'mini man', sister kicks
Tonto Dikeh, Olakunle Churchill

Gbemi Adesioye, sister to Olakunle Churchill, has kicked over fresh claims by Tonto Dikeh, his ex-wife, against him

In an Instagram post suspected to be a shade at Churchill, Dikeh spoke of how she married and fed a “mini man”.

“Almost all Toms and Jerrys who laughed when I confessed I married and fed a mini man and his mother with my hard-earned money are the ones fighting for the same reason,” the actress wrote.

“Life indeed is very freckle. Learn to be delicate. Never laugh at a disappointment because it’s not yours.”

In response, Adesioye, put out a number of counter-allegations against Dikeh.

She dismissed Dikeh’s claims of being the breadwinner of the family before her failed marriage to Churchill.

“So I saw a post of this same woman saying she fed my brother (Churchill) and his mom. I’m sincerely livid. You see his charity works going well and you’re out to chase clout,” Adesioye wrote in an Instagram post.

“[He] has been running charity programs before you and spends tens of millions on each. Yet you say you fed him. His mom who has been abroad for over 30 years and has owned several properties is who you said you fed?

“You denied him access to his child despite him winning a court case against you. You even sold his car. A car worth 22 million. You even posted photos of his father in his archbishop gear and said he’s a common gardener.

“There’s no limit to the lies you tell to prove a point. What kind of man goes back to a woman who pushed his mom down to the floor? You have no sense of respect.

“You are fighting a man you tagged broke because he bought a hose worth 220 million for his mom and you said he must buy for you before mum. For marriage wet just enter six months.

“[You said] that marriage was a hustle and there was no love. And now the man is broke? They didn’t pay your dowry yet, and you flaunted a diamond ring and took a push gift worth 24 million while the dowry was 1.2 million.

“Omo. Make it make sense. When exactly would you rest? When would you stop dragging him at the slightest glimpse of his progress? At this point, I think Churchill might just be the biggest thing that happened to you.”



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