The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has sent condolence message to victims of ethnic violence in Southern Kaduna areas of Kaduna State, noting that time has come for the salient issues of the Nigerian state to be addressed.

The group which stated this in a statement by its spokesperson, Chief Abia Onyike on Wednesday, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene and stop the bloodshed, even as it blamed Fulani herdsmen for the violence.

The statement reads: “After a thorough review of the on-going mindless massacre of Christians in Kajuru, Chikun and other LGAs in Southern KADUNA Senatorial District of KADUNA state in Nigeria, the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) hereby states as follows:

“1. That the on-going gruesome massacre of Christians in Southern KADUNA by Fulani militants/ terrorists/ Herdsmen is a continued manifestation of the unresolved crisis of Nigerian federalism.

“2. The ADF unequivocally condemns this mindless massacre of innocent citizens, brought about by the brazen impunity of Fulani hegemonists and their armed militia organizations.

“3. The ADF believes that genuine development will continue to elude Nigeria unless the Nigerian federation is reconstituted into autonomous regions, where the Ethnic Nationalities( both majority and minority) are empowered to assert their right to self-determination.

“4. For how long shall Nigerian citizens continue to be subjected to such a punitive culture of pestilence, mass killings, bestiality and unmitigated violence.

“5. The ADF sympathises with the plight of the Southern KADUNA People’s Union(SKPU) who are currently facing one of the worst forms of genocide perpetrated by anihilationist forces. We are in solidarity with them at their moment of grief as they morn and bury their loved ones.

“6. The ADF calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently intervene by stopping the on-going genocide in Southern Kaduna. The Government should address the allegation that the security forces have taken sides with the Fulani militants to wipe out the the Christian communities in Southern Kaduna, with the sole aim of taking over their ancestral lands.

“7.The crisis of Nigerian federalism has reached its crescendo. Over 32,000 Christians have been massacred in the last decade by FULANI terrorists in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, namely Kaduna, Plateau, Venue, Taraba(Mambilla) and Nasarawa states.

“8. The best way to resolve the lingering crises of the monolithic federation in Nigeria is to have have the autonomy of the various nationalities restored. Those who genuinely wish to live together under one common nation- state should do so based on the fundamental right to self- determination. No nationality should be forced to belong to any political association rejected by her citizens.

“9.President Buhari and his team should make haste while the sun shines. Sooner than later, Nigeria may degenerate to the situation of Rwanda in 1994 or go the way of Somalia.”