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Published On: Fri, Jul 10th, 2015

I am a ladies’ man, will always be – May D

Awodunmila  Akinmayokun,  popularly known as May D  became a household name when he was signed on by Square Records until the management announced a surprise split years ago. May D has since started his own record label and released several songs.
In this interview with YINKA LAWAL, he speaks about his passion:
Where did the name May D come from?
May D came from Mayokun which is my name and the D from my surname which is Awodunmila.
When did you venture into music? 
Basically, I started music professionally in 2001. But May D became an household name in 2008 when I did a song with Kel & Alaye titled, “You too fine”
Many people know your songs, but not much about you as an individual? Who is Akinmayokun?
I was born in Warri and moved to Lagos when I was 9 years.I came from a family of seven; five boys (no girl)  and my parents. We all attended Kings College Lagos from Greensprings School. I studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos.
What was your parents’position when you started doing music?
Well, when I was in the secondary school I used to dance a lot and I recall winning several competitions I was invited to. My mother as always supported me but my father did not. You know how men are. He said, “How can my son do music when there are several other professions he could choose from?”
Has your father’s opinion about music changed now that you are doing well for yourself? 
(Laughs) He is very much in support now
What challenges did you face when you started?
Actually, the challenges I faced when I started music was just that people didn’t believe you until you proved them wrong. People didn’t even bother to hear you but said all sorts of things. But, because, I love what I do, I kept pushing.
You were once close to P-square. How did you meet?
I was part of a tour organised by MTN in 2008 with 2- face and friends. Then I had recorded You too fine with Kel. It was in the course of the tour that I met the United Kingdom- based singer Alaye who was also in the song I did with Kel. We exchanged contacts and later we met at P-square’s house. That was how it started.
How are you handling stardom?
(Smiles) You know, it is not easy when everything just comes like that but to God be the glory. As a matter of fact, one has to be prayerful and stay focused.
How do you get inspiration for your songs?
Before now, I was a huge fan of late American Pop, Michael Jackson because my dad used to have his tapes from when he was a kid. So, basically it was Michael Jackson who inspired me and like I said earlier, I used to dance and sing his songs a lot during secondary school days.
Does that make him your role model?
Yes, he is generally . But back home, it’s King Sunny Ade because of the way he dances.
When you are not working, how do you relax?
 If I am not working, I am sleeping, because, the little sleep you can get matters a lot, due to the nature of the work. We travel a lot.
How do you handle your female fans?
Well, I always loved girls, so I can never push them away. I still love them, because I have always been a ladies’ man right from time. So, it is nothing new to me.
How would you rate the entertainment industry in Nigeria?
Musically, Nigeria is getting there because in recent times when you get to the club what you hear is Nigerian songs unlike the way it used to be. These days, you would be surprised when foreign songs are played, people sit.
As a musician, what is your most embarrassing moment?
Do I really have one? Okay, I can remember when I had a show with Kel, it was organised by Sound City and Kel called me to come up and perform but to my surprise, I was not allowed to get to the backstage, not to mention mounting the podium. I had to work through the crowd trying to gain access but I was still stopped by the bouncers so I could not perform that day.
You are more into music now. Would you discard dancing, totally?
I still have love for dancing as I mentioned earlier. If you look around the music world today, you will find out that dance and music work together. There is no way you will sing without dancing so dancing is still a huge part of me.
If you had not been into music, what will you have done?
Well, I am passionate about sport; I play football and table tennis in my school days so probably I would have been a sport person.
What is the unique thing your fans don’t know about you
I don’t think there is anything my fans don’t know about me, because I have thought about it and I don’t see anything in the hiding as I have said everything here.
Will you take a role in acting if invited considering most of your colleagues act as well?
Sure, I will gladly take the role as all still boils down to entertainment. Knowing that my profession is to entertain, I don’t see that being a problem.

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