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More emphasis should be given to polytechnic education – Odeyemi



More emphasis should be given to polytechnic education - Odeyemi

Prince Diran Odeyemi, a veteran journalist and chairman, governing council of Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, has advocated for more emphasis to be given to Nigerian Polytechnics for advanced technology development.

He said the nation is lagging behind technologically because of the failure of government to focus more on skill acquisition and technology advancement which are embedded in polytechnic education, adding that “If we give attention we gave to the University to Polytechnic, the nation won’t be where we are.”

Odeyemi stated this while featuring on the news and current affairs programme organised by correspondents’ chapel of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Osun State chapter.

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According to him, a nation that is yearning to advance technology wise should give emphasis to polytechnic education by funding and strengthening technologies in their Polytechnics.

He said the rate at which universities are springing up in the country without considering what would be the outcome is becoming worrisome, urging the federal government to take critical looks at how the nation would be developed technologically by giveing premium support for Polytechnic education.

“In terms of advancing technology, for instance, a nation that is in hurry to develop its technology like we have been saying should give emphasis to polytechnic education. But no, see how many universities are coming daily, yet we all complain that there is no employment, but everybody is still sponsoring students there.

“The paradox that is happening in Nigeria today is that somebody will do BSc programme and after two or three years staying in the house doing nothing, he will later learn fashion designing, catering and Hotel management. All these courses are available in the Polytechnic that in the first instance,” he said.

He frowned at the way polytechnic leducation is being handled, saying polytechnics are not receiving required attention, which according to him have crippled some innovations.

” Some polytechnics have good and great innovations, but alas! lack of proper funding by the governments crippled their ideas. In Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke, we have some brilliant innovative that if we received proper funding , would be great for our communities’

“We have Bluetooth Control Fan, a fan that can be controlled by Bluetooth or by GSM. We have generator that is GSM controlled, if you are not even in the country and you want to give people impression that you are around from there you can send message to the generator and your compound can be on light for some hours before you turn it it. This has a dual purpose, particularly in the era of security threat, we noticed that some people in an attempt to go down and switch off their generator they kidnap them. You don’t need to leave your room to put on and put off your generator you send text message.

“We have smartphone automation, the smartphone automation is now global. Your Air Conditioner and security can be controlled.

“Electric Jack, Weight Control Wheel Barrow Electrical, Smart Home Automation, Biometric Attendance, Rfid Smart Security Gate, Programmable Load Shedding System With Remote Unit, Android Based Fan Control System, Access Restricted Integrated Power Monitoring And Control System, Smart Traffic Light. These are some of the innovation from our school” he added

“In as much as we continue to pay lip service to technology, we will be moving around the circle, and “No matter how you travel on the wrong root, there is no other solution than you have to turn back.

“We must know when to turn back and refocus our education priority. We have done enough of writing. What can people do with their hands? Skills are in demand globally now.”

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