APC Primary: We lost the battle, not the war - Osinbajo declares, says commitment to new Nigeria intact
Yemi Osinbajo


By Kola Adepoju

Nigeria is again on the move politically speaking , politicians are about town albeit surreptitiously, some making open manoeuvres, all in a bid to be relevant for the 2023 battle.
It is all about politics, all about their interest, less about issues that are important to us (Nigerians), such as how to solve the worsening security situation, the economy, unemployment, and how to redirect the energies and talents of our youth away from crime- such as the prevalent Yahoo financial crime, ritual killings for money among other get-rich- syndrome acts– to more productive causes.

The issues confronting our nation are what we can not wish away or pretend that they do not exist. The challenge of nationhood has never at any point in our long and tortuous political history been this tasking as now, given the enormous chasm and politically contrived and fuelled divide smearing our mature understanding of our unity in diversity.

It is as if Nigeria has just been reworked in the dark imagination of a Frantz Kafka with its sordid spectre of chilling destructive potency as seen in Kafka’s fiction.

The ethnic nationalities have been structured by our politicians to hate one another all in a game of power and mind control for their selfish end . We have been made to believe albeit wrongly that the Fulani man in Sokoto together with the Yoruba man in Oyo as well as the Igbo man in Abia is the problem rather than the politician who refuses to be responsible with the trust the electorate have invested in him but chooses to be self-serving and uses stereotypes as scapegoat to cover his own irresponsibility.

The tragedy of the current narrative is the tyranny of the ignorant majority who have been psychologically conditioned to be robots tied to the apron strings of politicians who use them for their political end.

The mass of our people are a part of the ignorant majority being used by our politicians whose children attend ivy league schools abroad, yet these politicians exploit the poverty and illiteracy of this category of people who are in the majority, give them guns, and ask them to kill on their behalf, destroy on their behalf and commit harakiri as “eru iku” which translates to “ready to die” on behalf of politicians whom they will not have access to immediately they win the elections.

And they are not in short supply, the vanguards of this group are to be found in road transport unions, the area boys and a rump of artisan clan who for as paltry as N2000, they are willing to risk all, as most of them out of pointlessness of their own lives are perpetually on hard drugs, thus human life means nothing to them.

Nigeria has been parcelled out to all manner of evil, in today’s Nigeria, news item indicating killing of Nigerians in great number by bandits no longer shocks the system.

As the 2023 general elections draw near, the civil society, the labour and the students union have a lot of work to do in the area of political sensitization and education as well as awareness creation on the need to choose wisely and with enough perspicacity those we are to vote for must be people with good antecedents who can hold their heads high in the area of integrity and honesty.
There have been few for now who have ventured out to state their ambition to be president, but in all honesty much as they are good and have impressive resumes, I would state that none of them exemplifies the future we dream of for our country. I don’t need to go at great length in discussing this point

We live in difficult times and the state of the country calls for a new breed of leaders who have the dignity, integrity and temperament to deal with the current challenges we are facing ranging from Insecurity, to moral rot in the society, the kind of leader that can reset the country on the path of genuine reconciliation, amity and good neighborliness , the kind of leader who can forge a better identity for the country, lead the way in setting in motion the genuine template for economic development and creation of enabling environment for a renewal and reclamation of our country so that we begin to grow again.

We want the kind of leader whose body language, honesty and willingness to address issues and listen to all shades of opinions will with moral authority induce those spilling the blood of the innocent to abandon their evil way and seek a reintegration into society.
We want a leader with enough moral authority not gun authority to reset the clock of the country.

As said elsewhere in this piece, if there is any politician today among those currently straddling the political landscape with such moral authority and integrity, it is our vice president, professor Yemi Osibajo.
Osibajo stands tall, and his resume and antecedent make him our preferred choice to take over from his principal, president Muhammadu Buhari, so that he can build on the achievements of the current administration, correct its mistakes and work on its strength.
Osibajo is by all standard, is not a mainstream politician, in this wise, he’s not tarred with the brush of political brinkmanship and chicanery of an average Nigerian politician.
He is an honest teacher of law who accidentally found himself in the vortex of politics.

Yet in spite of having been in the murky waters of Nigerian politics since 1999 when he became the Attorney General of Lagos, he has never been embroiled in any roiling political scandal or any kind of irresponsible behaviour ,but has acted and conducted himself in the public offices he has held with utmost responsibility, dignity and common sense, such that during the brief stint as acting president in 2018 when president Buhari was on a medical treatment in the United Kingdom, Osibajo was able to endear himself to the people beyond the southwest and the north to the normally insular south south and southeast through his conduct.

And when he visited this part of the country he was warmly received.
The country needs a unifier like him to mend damaged parts, heal the wounds and comfort and give hope to aggrieved nationalities-whether their grudges are genuine or not, he has displayed enough statesmanship that appeals to all of us whether you’re from Sokoto or Bayelsa or you’re a Bachama from Adamawa or a Yoruba man from Osun, we all have a feeling that Osibajo should throw in his hat to the presidential ring for the patriotic sake of giving our country a rebirth.
Nigerians are a great people and full of talented individuals, we also have great leaders among them president Buhari himself, but what the country needs now is greatness in a leader tempered by ability to reconcile the disparate elements who are aggrieved, for the country is currently going through a moral turpitude.
it is this turpitude that’s responsible for restiveness of youth and the insecurity we see around.
Those who consider their situation hopeless are resorting to self help as seen in Boko Haram or the bandit narrative, or as manifested in ethnic agitation and tribal jingoism.

Osibajo should be persuaded to join the presidential race, it is in my thinking a noble call, and on his part ,it is a noble duty to accept to run.

Engr. Kola Adepoju is Convener of Nigerians Ask 4 Osibajo


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