Price of cooking gas rises to N12,000 per 12.5kg
Cooking gas cylinder

Adebayo Obajemu

In spite of the economic difficulties average Nigerians are experiencing, the cost of filling cooking gas also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has risen exponentially across the country, adding to the burden of already pauperized Nigerians.

As usual, there’s always a scapegoat to take the beating as the war in Ukraine has been blamed for the development.

The Nigeria LNG which has been up and doing in the production and supply of the commodity cannot produce all that is needed domestically. The larger chunk of the LPG needed in the country is imported and because of this, it has fallen victim to this war which nobody can predict when it is going to end.

Dr. Olufemi Omoyele, director of Entrepreneurship at Redeemers University told Business Hallmark that one of the reasons for the astronomical rise in the price of cooking gas is the issue of foreign exchange. “The Naira has been highly devalued. This has therefore affected the local price.


In the retail market, 12.5 Kg cylinder ranges between N11,000 and 12,000 depending on where it is purchased. This is higher than the N9000per unit cost of 12.5KG about a month ago.

Major importers of LPG in the country are also struggling with foreign exchange to purchase the commodity. In many parts of Lagos, the price of 12.5kg is N11,000. While in Ibadan, a 6kg cylinder has hit N4000. This was sold at about N 1,500 and N2000 before.

However, a mini gas depot visited by Business Hallmark at Ejigbo , a Lagos suburb sells the product at a reduced price of N725 per kilo; two kilograms go for N1500; while a 2.5kg goes for N1900 and three kilograms for N2,250. Another gas depot in the Top Land area, Solution Gas Depot sells three kilograms of gas at N2,600 while five kilograms goes for N3, 600.

Across the country, the prices of different kilogram bottles have risen by a very large amount, making it difficult for an average household to cook as some have resorted to using firewood.


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