Chief Sunday Bisi

By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State, Hon. Sunday Bisi has said nothing is working in the state in the last three years of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola’s regime, as according to him, virtually all sectors have collapsed.

Hon. Bisi said the current APC leadership has put the state under security malady considering the incessant robbery attacks bedeviling her in the recent time.

The PDP Chairman who stated this while feilding questions from the journalist in Osogbo over the weekend, regretted that peace has deserted the state, as banks no longer function in most parts.

“There’s nothing like peace in Osun State under this APC administration if we have to tell ourselves the truth. There are incessant armed robbery attacks. Iragbiji, Okuku, Ila, Iree, everywhere, there is no bank that’s functioning there now,” he said.

“Look at what our people in Osun central are facing presently whereby they cannot do any banking transaction unless they come to Osogbo. Which kind of peace do we call that?

“Up till now, the governor and his men have not told us the location of the security helicopter which was purchased by tax payers money in Osun and which should have been deployed against dare devil armed robbers and banditry that have ravaged the state.We are using this medium to ask them to provide the helicopter they use our tax payers to procure.”

While speaking on the preparedness of his party to wrestle power from APC in the coming governorship election in the state, Hon. Bisi said with the successful conclusion of the recent state and national congresses, the end of the APC and Governor Gboyega Oyetola’s tenure was near.

Bisi boasted that there was no doubt about the fact that the people of the state have seen the PDP as a better alternative because of what he described as “poor performance of the ruling All Progressives Congress in the last ten years”.

He noted that for the past three years no any tangible project could be pointed out to by the present administration describing the three years of Governor Gboyega Oyetola as “three years of wasted resources”.

He said, “We had a successful convention in Abuja and all of us were together. So talking about any rift again. We are now one big united family in PDP in Osun and in Nigeria. There is no rift in our party now, all those things have been settled and they are gone.

“All issues concerning Osun PDP have been settled by the grace of God and decisions taken at the national convention. The Congresses held in Osun, which were earlier passed by the National working Committee, were also ratified at the national convention, the highest decision making level of the party.

“I can tell you for free that Osun PDP is now one big family. All components of the party from bottom to top are all working together as we speak. All members of national assembly under the banners of our party are all working together with me to move the party forward.

“We are going to defeat APC in the coming gubernatorial election in the state. We are going to rescue the people of Osun State. I want to urge the people of Osun to please continue to endure because it remain just a year.

“Three years of wasteful resources, even the projects they inherited from Aregbesola, they have never done anything on it. The Ilesa Garage , Dele yessir road, they have been on that road for the past ten years .

“Oyetola was there as one of those who bastardized Osun State in all the years of APC misrule. He was there when Pensioners and workers were owed 33months without any sign of paying the the people concerned. So he has no basis to exonerate himself from whatever destruction his party perpetrated against the state.

“The bridge at Olaiya is another disaster being foisted on Osun by Oyetola and the Apc administration contrary to what was promoted in the media with all sorts of graphics. Osun State cannot afford to continue with such a fraudulent Government.

“The bridge they are constructing is just a one way bridge. We have never seen that kind of bridge in our lives. It had never happened in any state. We had traveled far and wide I mean in this country, I have gone to so many places, I have never seen this kind of bridge.”

Speaking on the recent Endorsements by various groups, Osun PDP Chairman said: “It’s because there is nothing concrete to show as achievements that why Governor Gboyega Oyetola is begging People to come and endorse him.

“For good three years Oyetola doesn’t have things that he could show as his achievements nothing to showcase for the person who have been in the Government for three years.

“We’re not feeling intimidated by his endorsement at all. You are in Osun State through out last week when the pensioners were protesting the non payment of their pension Arrears , won’t that affect him in the Election? You are talking about the people that have been induced to come and stagemanage a kind of endorsement is that one endorsement.

“Forget about this induced Endorsements that we are having here and there. Where were those people in 2018 when he was floored. He is going to be defeated again flat . He would be defeated hands down

“What happened in 2018 cannot happen again, because we’re going to defeat him with wide margin. You can only rig when you’re popular . This time around we would win them with wide margin,” he affirmed.

On the rumoured defection of party members to the ruling APC, Hon Bisi posited that no right thinking person will leave PDP and go and join APC in the state.

“No one with his senses will leave PDP for APC. The party that’s in disarray. As we’re speaking now, they have two party Chairmen. Alhaji Abdulrasak Salinsile and Prince Gboyega Famodun are both laying claim to the Chairmanship position in the state.”

When asked if PDP was still strong enough to defeat APC come 2022, Hon Bisi insisted, he said: “The last time after the exit of former Governor Isiaka Adeleke, PDP presented Senator Ademola Adeleke for senatorial Election and we won with margin. We won nine out of the ten local governments when Aregbesola was the sitting Governor of the state.

“And the last Gubernatorial election in 2018 , Senator Ademola Adeleke contested again against Oyetola, the incumbent, and he defeated him at the first ballot before the inconclusive thing was introduced. Something we had never heard before.

“We defeated them that time and President Muhammad Buhari said PDP was defeated in Osun through the use of remove control. So, we are virile, we are able , we are agile and I’m promising you that comes July 16 we are going to floor APC in the next Governorship election,” he concluded.

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