By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

A socio political group within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the South West Youth Alliance, has lambasted erstwhile governor of Ekiti Sate, Mr. Ayodele Fayose for what it called inconsistency and misinformation about the leadership of the party in the zone.

The group in a release jointly signed by it’s in the six state of the South West: Olayemi Irewolemi, Ondo State; Akinbon Tayo Ekiti State; Mayowa Bada Wasiu Osun State; Adediran Johnson Adeniyi, Oyo State; Tayo Ashiru, Ogun State and Nurudeen Okunuga, Lagos State, condemned the actions and inactions of the former Ekiti governor causing unrest in South West zone of the party.

They said, Governor Fayose in the recent video clip he made admitted that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State remained the leader of the party in the South West by virtue of being the lone governor of the party in the zone, just like he was during his second term as governor of Ekiti State.

The group also noted that Fayose admitted being fully in charge then in the affairs of the party throughout his tenure but doesn’t want the incumbent leader to go beyond his own state in administering the affairs of the party.

In the video, the group said, Fayose also admitted of supporting factional groups in all the states of the South West, just like he did throughout his tenure as the leader of the party in the region.

They said Fayose also threatened any leader that picks people or supports them in any factional tendencies in his state and vowed in the video to face them.

The group alleged Fayose of playing double standard, citing instances of him supporting opposition candidate against the party’s candidate in some elections in the region.

They accused Fayose of supporting candidate of Alliance for Democracy candidate, Olusola Oke as against the party’s candidate Eyitayo Jegede in Ondo state election in 2016, among other alleged anti party activities.

“In Ondo State, we have it on record how Ayodele Fayose used his Bourdillon warlord’s support to destroy the fortunes of the party when he waged war against our Party by pretending to be supporting Eyitayo Jegede whereas Fayose, Mimiko and Omisore were secretly funding Olusola Oke of AD then, under the pretext that he was fighting Late Buruji Kashamu and his supporters in 2016 . Hon. Ebenezer Alabi and Hon. Biyi Poroye left the party in annoyance because of the excesses of Ayodele Fayose then,” the group said.

“His allies then were Eddy Olafeso and others whom he forcefully installed without discussing with any leaders or members of the party in the region. Fayose then was Planning to resuscitate AD with the trial election of Olusola Oke with the Support of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

“Surprisingly, what he did in 2016 was repeated in 2020 Election in Ondo by working against the Party. He supported the Zenith Labour Party Candidate, Agboola Ajayi and in league with the dissidents like Eddy Olafeso and co against the Party Candidate Eyitayo Jegede. In fact, they made a press release that PDP would lose that election authored by Rev Bunmi Jenyo.

“In Ogun State, Ayodele Fayose destroyed the chances of the party by joining forces with Ladi Adebutu to fight the late Senator Buruji Kashamu, uptill today, PDP is still in coma and gasping for breath from the strangulation of Fayose/Tinubu alliance.

“Segun Adewale Aeroland, Dosumu, Mrs. Maina, Jimmy Agbaje and others have a lot of axes to grind with Ayodele Fayose. His activities against Chief Olabode George and other leaders of the PDP in Lagos State robbed our party of victory at the 2019 elections.”

The group also alleged Fayose of supporting Adeleke dynasty as against the wish of the people and court of law in Osun State in the case of party chairman in the state, Hon. Soji Adagunodo despite the fact that, Adagunodo has been his aged long friend.

The group highlighted alleged disruptive activities of the former Ekiti governor, accusing him of being on the pay list of former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu.

“The continued disruption of the peace within PDP in the South West at present as enumerated by Fayose in the latest video again shows that Fayose is an indecent political extremist. His activities must be curtailed, to forestall his present gang up against the party’s constituted authorities in the South West.

” Fayose claimed that he is in the majority in Ekiti State but had to personally take a doctored list of executives of the party to Abuja as against the popularly elected ones by majority of the party in Ekiti State.

“In Ogun State, Fayose said he is working closely with Ladi Adebutu against the factions and supporters of the late Senator Buruji Kashamu and a former governor like HE Otunba Gbenga Daniel, a faction which he helped create in 2014 till date and instead of making efforts to end the rifts, coupled with the open apolologies that the late Senator rendered those he felt he might have offended. Gov. Fayose kept on fighting the dead and still boasts about that he is working closely with Ladi Adebutu, obviously he is saying in essence that he is working against the interest of Buruji Kashamu, what a dangerous tendency,” the group said.

“As we speak, since Chief Bode George has discovered that Fayose’s so-called political struggle against Segun Adewale and others were geared towards advancing the course of APC and Tinubu which was why Baba reversed from the factional politics, Fayose has again further polarized the party in Lagos with the minority group led by Deji Doherty whom he claims to be working closely with again. The recent elections in Lagos State where PDP came down with 11,000+ against APC’s 89,000+ shows clearly that Fayose is in league with failure and serial losers.

“Unfortunately again, Fayose said that he is not done yet with fighting his bosom friend, Olasoji Adagunodo by declaring his support again for Dr. Deji Adeleke that has said severally that he is not a card carrying member of the party. Remember that Dr. Deji Adeleke has been at loggerheads with Olasoji Adagunodo for refusing to allow the hijack of PDP in Osun so that his younger brother, Demola Adeleke could be the sole candidate of the party in 2018 and 2022 . This is the same person that Fayose again claimed he is closely working with in Osun state, as what you may ask? When his friend of many years has been affirmed by the Court of Law as the validly elected Chairman of the party in the State, yet he prefers to identify with the same person that has expended over a billion Naira to remove his own friend…

“In all, Fayose has suddenly become a power broker in the South West but interestingly, everywhere he goes and whoever he claims to support at every point in time is a person of means and heavy pockets. He fed fat on Senator Buruji Kashamu who sponsored his second term election in 2014 with over N2 billion Naira before he dumped him and picked on Chief Adebutu Kensington and his son Hon. Ladi Adebutu who is still paying his bills after leaving Ekiti as Governor.

“So also, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is seriously paying the bills of Ayodele Fayose as the destructive element against the party aside the monthly stipends that runs into several thousands of dollars. It will also be remembered that when he was with Otunba Iyiola Omisore he also milked the former Chairman of Appropriation in the Senate dry to the extent that Omisore got tired of his endless demands.”

They warned the former governor not to continue disrupting the peace within PDP in the South West, saying his actions as enumerated by him in the latest video again shows that he is an indecent political extremist.

“His activities must be curtailed, to forestall his present gang up against the party’s constituted authorities in the South West,” they noted.

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