Traders are complaining of low patronage

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In tune with the yearning of players in the financial sectors and the economy; who are concerned with the long term impact of the lockdown, the Federal Government on Monday, announced a major shift in its measures against COVID-19.

It announced a guarded shift into the second phase of the national response to COVID-19. In the new phase, it announced the full reopening of the financial sector.

The new developnment was disclosed by the national coordinator of the presidential task force on COVID-19, Dr Aliyu Sani.

Sanni hinted that the banks will now be allowed to operate at normal working hours five days a week as against the restricted time of 2 or 3 pm that was announced during the first phase of the easing of lockdown.

The Presidential Task Force also gave the green light to hotels to reopen but must do so based on the guidelines rolled out by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). They are to maintain non-pharmaceuticals intervention. However, gyms, cinemas, parks, nightclubs and bars are to still remain closed until further evaluation.

The restaurants, other than those in hotels must remain closed to eat-ins but are allowed to prioritize and continue to practice the takeaway measure that has been in place since the first measure.

The government also announced the continued ban on hawking and trading activities on the road.

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* Interstate travel remains prohibited except for goods &essential travel

* Gathering of >20 persons remains prohibited;outside of workplaces + religious services

*Aviation Industry requested to start developing protocols for domestic flights to possibly resume from June 21

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Hotels may reopen

Restaurants outside of hotels must remain closed for eat-in—TAKEOUT ONLY

Bars, gyms, cinemas, nightclubs, parks closed until further evaluation

All schools to remain closed until further evaluation

Offices maintain 2m physical distancing + 75% max capacity

Government offices are to continue working from 9 am to 2 pm, from Monday to Friday as against the 3 days a week that used to apply in the first phase.

Government also insists that offices are to maintain 2metre physical distancing and at 75% capacity