Anambra State governor-elect, Prof Charles Soludo, has said as much as 92 percent of primary school teachers in the state are women, while 87 percent of teachers in secondary schools are also women.

Soludo gave the figures while unveiling his plans for the youths and women in the state during an interview session with journalists, noted that his government would be inclusive.

He emphasized there is no gender discrimination in Anambra, and that everyone will be given equal opportunity.

“Our population is that of youth. I am focusing on problem solving, if it is all women that will get it done, that’s fine,” he said.

“For instance, when I was CBN Governor, a lot of assignments that required trust and integrity, i gave them to women and they never disappointed.

“In Anambra, we don’t discriminate. For example, 92 percent of teachers in our primary schools are women and 87 percent in secondary schools. About 57 percent of all employees in civil service are women. We can’t deliver on the agenda we have without the public sector which is completely dominated by women. So when you look at it from that perspective, we are not including women, they already dominate. It is just for us to maximize their contribution because they are already their.”

Soludo who will take over from Chief Willie Obiano as governor in March 2022, assured that youths will play active role in his government.

“Youths will also play active role in our government but we are not going to appoint people because they are 20 years, we will put people based on the value they can and want to add,” he noted.

“Age is not the point but what you intend to offer. For instance, the young commissioner we have in the state is not based on age but he happens to be one of the most brilliant people we have around.

“Age, gender and tribe will not really matter, principal consideration will be value you are bringing.”

The governor-elect also assured that the children of the state would be given the opportunity to excel.

“Those children are part of the reason for this journey. When I look into their eyes I can sense what they are telling me, that their future is in my hand I should not let it perish.

“The difference between the children of the poor and that of the rich is opportunity. What brought me this far is because while growing up, the children of the poor and the rich attended same schools but now the children of the rich are in private schools while that of poor are in community school. For me that is the gap we have to bridge.”


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