Cyril Ramaphosa, South African president

...says ‘we cannot surrender our land to foreigners’

The South African Deputy Minister of Police, Bongani Mkongi has been caught in a video justifying attacks by the country’s mob against Nigerians and other African nationals running businesses in the country, arguing that South Africans should be the ones running the businesses.

Mkongi who spoke at a press conference captured in a now viral video, argued that South Africa cannot accept a situation where certain cities are dominated 80 percent by foreign nationals.

The day the video was recorded cannot yet be ascertained by BusinessHallmark, but the Minister is heard warning that if the trend of foreigners dominating cities was allowed to continue, the future president of South Africa could be a foreigner.

“We must investigate also what the law of South Africa says. How can a city in South Africa be 80 percent foreign nationals. That is dangerous, that in Hillbrow and the surrounding areas, South Africans have surrendered their own city to the foreign nationals,” he said.

“The nation must discuss that particular question. You won’t find South Africans in other countries dominating a city into 80 percent because if we do not debate that, that means that the whole South Africa could be 80 percent dominated by foreign nationals and the future president of South Africa could be a foreign national.”

He argued that the attacks is not xenophobia but an attempt to save South Africa from foreign domination.

“We are surrendering our land and it is not xenophobia to talk truth, we fought for this land from a white minority, we cannot surrender it to the foreign nationals. That is a matter of principle. We fought for this country, not only for us, but for generations of South Africans. The arms that are being used here Heathrow are arms of war, which are unlicensed,” Mkongi said.

“The hijacking of buildings here in Heathrow is sign of taking power. The question of dominance of foreign nationals in illegal trading and also businesses that are here in Heathrow. It is economic sabotage that is taking place in against people. We are supposed to be people that running those businesses. We are facing here service delivery protests.”

The video had surfaced after a South African mob on Sunday through Monday, destroyed businesses owned by Nigerians and other African nationals. 

Nigerian government has meanwhile, warned South Africa of consequences should the attacks be allowed to continue.


  1. Comment:that is not quality of leadership there is no country in the world which doesn’t have foreigners it’s simple let African union act with serious sanction on South Africa in trade, sport should be made clear to them bse the so called leaders are encouraging people to do this heart bleeding situation you can see no proper force is in place to encounter such act

  2. What the Minister is saying Is absolutely nonsense, so they the so called leader are those encouraging the youth to be attacking and killing their own fellow Africans right Well it doesn’t surprise me because when you take a critical look at him you will know he is nothing but a big foool who doesn’t know his left from right, my fellow West Africans and other African nations should come back home and let the fools have their slavery country because all South Africans are slaves to the whites they haven’t gotten independence yet

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