Gboyega Oyetola

By Jibola Oyekunle

My attention has been drawn to a four-and-a-half paragraph piece written by a certain social media ranter who who goes by the name, ABS, expressing the figment of his own imagination that Governor Adegboyega Oyetola of Osun is not trusted by his people.

For a State whose governor has spread service and projects across the State in all the sectors in about 19 months in the saddle, only a merchant of mischief like ABS will contend with verifiable proofs and go on a wild goose chase that the people do not trust the governor.

I recall that this desperate attention-seeking jobber has been on the prowl for a couple of weeks, struggling to impress his paymaster with a mission to misinform unsuspecting members of the public about the current administration in the State.

In a reply to one of his recent gaffe, I remember taking my time to educate him on the need to always get his facts right and desist from misinforming the public, if he ever desires to go far in life.

Governor Adegboyega Oyetola is a man of his word; he will not promise what he will not do. He remains one of the few governors who have received wide commendation for their proactive approach to curbing the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Let me quickly clear the air on ABS’ innuendo on the case of some bags of rice found to be below quality during the distribution of the first set of palliatives in this State. ABS demonstrated his true trait of a quack social media minder with his claim that the Governor did not fulfill his promise to investigate and bring the culprits to book.

Contrary to his claims, the matter was investigated and the supplier has since been blacklisted. He should rather have kept his confusion to himself rather than infesting the innocent public with his tissue of lies; or better still contact the appropriate quarters for feedback on the matter instead of  taking to social media to mislead the good people of the State.

ABS also claimed that some members of the State cabinet have tested positive for Covid-19. I challenge him to name any member of Governor Oyetola’s cabinet who has tested positive for Covid-19 as he claims. By pushing out this phantom claim, ABS demonstrated his ignorance of Covid-19 protocol and management. Even the most ignorant and illiterate man anywhere in the nation knows that no State manages COVID-19 cases alone. Or has ABS sacked NCDC?

Assuming but without conceding that any lawmaker has tested positive for Covid-19 as the writer claimed,  when has a lawmaker become a member of the cabinet? If we were not transparent as he claimed, would the State Commissioner for Health have responded to his inquiries on our management of Covid-19, a fact he failed to acknowledge ?

No amount of your lies would distract the good people of Osun from their continued unshakable love and trust they have in a responsible and responsive Administration such as we have currently in Osun.

I advise ABS to learn to be a responsible citizen of Osun by desisting from lies that will neither profit him nor any of his paymasters. ABS should desist from being a Stranger in the Land of the Virtuous. A word is enough for the wise.


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