Queen and Richard had been dating for a while. In fact, Queen was so glad when Richard asked her out on this date to watch a movie that had just been released. After the movie Richard invited Queen and she agreed to visit his place. On arrival she was obviously nervous. They kissed passionately but that was all she wanted to do. Unfortunately Richard wanted more, so he began to unbutton her blouse but she tried to push him away. She really wanted him to stop you could see it in her eyes but her tears were ignored. At the end of the day date /acquaintance rape was committed. Most men don’t seem to get it that sex without consent is rape. It is a crime.

Sometimes people have a difficult time being able to communicate their feelings effectively that they don’t want to engage in sexual intercourse. NO always means NO but sometimes people may say or do things that convey the opposite of their intentions and feelings. This can be exploited by the other person, although this does not justify a crime being committed. Men often pretend not to understand that when a girl says l don’t feel like, it means NO.

When you aren’t sure if your partner’s comfortable with your sexual advances you must ask them what their feelings are and respect such feelings. If you don’t you are pressurizing them to have sex against their will, which is rape.

Rape can happen to any one and anywhere at anytime. There are different kinds of rape, there is stranger rape which is forced sex with an unknown person. Statutory rape which between an adult and an under 17 child. There is marital rape if sex is forced by a husband on his wife or vise versa. If intercourse is forced by an acquaintance  eg someone you have met before like a colleague or boss in the office, schoolmate, a siblings friend e.t.c. It is acquaintance rape. If intercourse is forced by two or more males on one female its called gang-rape.

Some people believe it is okay to force someone in to sexual intercourse if:

  • He spent money on her.
  • She has had sex with him or many others before.
  • He is turned on and he can’t stop.
  • She wears seductive or sexy clothing.
  • She has been dating him for a long time.
  • She says no but he thinks she really means yes.
  • She has been drinking or is asleep.
  • She goes to his room or anywhere to be alone with him.
  • She is out late at night by herself.
  • She led him on.
  • These are all false and misleading. Regardless of the situation, if a person forces another into sexual intercourse, it is rape. Don’t be a rapist don’t be a criminal.