PDP group 'confirms' Uzodimma, Samdaddy's plots to destroy Imo PDP
Senator Samuel Anyanwu

By Ori Martins

Buoyed by experience, exposure and wisdom, a political party pressure group known as the Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders has made a shocking revelation how the national secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, who also doubles as the party’s governorship candidate for the November 11 election, has seemingly forged a common front with Governor Hope Uzodimma to pull the party down in the state.

The Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders, said it employed its wealth of experience and relying on impeccable sources and evidence to unmask the unholy romance between the two men.

According to a release made available to Business Hallmark which was made public by many PDP media platforms, the critical stakeholders said, “Taking the bull by the horns, the PDP group courageously and diligently, through a series of well constructed and tailored letters to both the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, National Working Committee, NWC, as well as the State Working Committee, SWC, informed obviously a bewildered public that, indeed, there was an established and verifiable evidence to substantiate the alleged conspiracy between Governor Hope Uzodimma and the national secretary of PDP, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, aimed at emasculating the PDP and thereby render it impotent to run the 2023 governirship election in Imo State”.

The release, added, “Consequent upon this weighty revelation confirming the surreptitious agreement between Anyanwu and Governor Hope Uzodimma to thoroughly weaken PDP in order to pave way for his (Anyanwu’s) accession to power in 2027. This revelation immediately charged the Imo political firmament. That is, anger, disappointment and uncertainty engulfed the Imo State PDP family”.

This discovery has no doubt elicited question on the lips of every concerned Imo State PDP : How true is it? How can the national secretary of PDP be ploting to cause the complete ruination of his own party at a period he was contesting for a position held by the ruling party?

Detailing the confirmation of the Uzodimma – Samdaddy alliance against the PDP, the group noted as follows; “Almost like a thunder bolt, two accounts from two former PDP big shots who now claim they were eyewitnesses to the alleged conspiracy between Uzodimma and Anyanwu to pulldown PDP, have largely and substantially confirmed the long rumoured destructive romance”.

It continued, “First, Hon Bede Eke, the immediate past House of Representative Member, for Aboh Mbaise/Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency, during an APC rally in Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area recently, openly laid to rest any doubt concerning this matter.

“He made it clear that he was an eyewitness to the grand plot and even gave more insights how it all started and played out.
Dramatically but logically, Ekeh, preaching like a gospel evangelist, called on Senator Anyanwu to do a liturgical “mea culpa” (repentance) and then follow suit with a restitution – by returning the funds made available to him on this grounds.

“As, according to him, both the setting and plot of the drama of the absurd never ever produced the expected thematic end. The former federal lawmaker from Ngor Okpala Local Government Area concluded that the project absolutely ended in a tragic flop of the worst proportion. In short, in his own description, the alleged Uzodimma/ Anyanwu plot against the PDP, though to an extent disorganized the umbrella party, it was an unmitigated disaster foretold”!!!

Presenting how the Uzodimma/ Anyanwu coup against the Imo PDP was hatched, the PDP group, quoted the erstwhile Peoples’ Democratic Party state secretary, Nze Ray Emeana, who provided a more vivid and illustrative testimony on how the idea to ruthlessly crush the PDP was conceived, planned and maliciously executed.

According to the Stakeholders, “Our former state secretary did not mince words in pointing fingers at Senator Samuel Anyanwu as the man at the centre of trading the Imo PDP off to his long-standing ally, Senator Hope Uzodimma, for the purposes of rendering the party completely worthless, so that it cannot stand strong en route to the November 11, 2023 governorship election”.

The Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders then submitted thus, “Now, taken together, the two accounts have substantiated the Imo PDP Critical Stakeholders position all along that such an evil agreement to undo PDP exists. We, the stakeholders’ submission was a hypothesis that is now proved to be a theory. It is now indubitable that the chickens have come home to roost”.

The Stakeholders urged Senator Anyanwu to return the alleged funds he was said to have collected from Uzodimma in order to avoid arrest which may lead to being stopped from contesting the governirship election.

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