By Yinka Lawal |

A Nigerian student in his first semester has broken a 50-year Japanese university record and achieved the highest grade after solving 30-year-old mathematics equation.

Ufot Ekong who studied at Tokai University in Tokyo achieved a first degree in Electrical Engineering and scored the best mark in the institution since 1965.

Ekong, who is from Lagos, plays the saxophone, and runs retail wears and accessories shop in Japan called Strictly African Japan. He worked two jobs alongside his studies to pay his way as a student. He won six awards for academic excellence during his time in the university

Currently working for Nissan, Ekong has two patents for an electronic car which reaches up to 128kmph design to his name. He speaks English, French, Japanese and Yoruba and has won a Japanese language award for foreigners.

Tokia University, founded in 1924 is a prestigious private university based in the Japanese capital. It focuses on science and technology


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