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LASPOTECH: 30 students face expulsion



By Yinka Lawal

Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTECH is set to expel at least 30 students caught indulging in examination malpractices during the first semester examination. Information at our disposal revealed the culprits who were caught in different departments of the institution have been notified by the school authorities.

Further digs also revealed most of the students from the School of Part-Time Studies Regular (SPTSR) Ikorodu main campus rely on microchips; our source also stated that no exam has been written without the students getting enmeshed in malpractices.

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Weeks ago, some students who were caught in the act were seen begging their invigilators not to hand them over to the school authorities.

Narrating her experience, a student at the institution explained a scene created by a pregnant woman who was caught while cheating. She said she resorted to rolling  on the floor severally asking for forgiveness. She added that two other students who were also caught cheating were also all given malpractice form to fill.

“As the exam started, the students began to copy from prepared answers they had written on their palms before a senior lecturer from the Department of Mass Communication-whom students had always accused of having mysterious skill for exposing cheats, accosted and caught them. Just when he stepped in, he pointed at the three of them to stand up and show their palms and instantly, the pregnant woman fell on the floor to start begging for forgiveness, a plea the lecturer refused to heed” she explained

She added that these three victims had answers written on their palms with biro and when caught, were asked to place their hands close to their faces and a snapshot was taken of them. “They were also instructed to stretch their hands forward for another snapshot before they were asked to continue with their work as a malpractice form was awaited” she said

Through investigation, we gathered three semesters ago, no fewer than 20 students were sent rusticated from the institution over exam malpractice. “The students who were caught by invigilators during the examination were kept in the dark for more than two semesters before they were sent out of the school. Some of the students who were involved claimed that they were not given fair hearing while some claimed that they never faced any examination malpractice panel” a source revealed.

Over the years, the case of examination malpractices has been discussed as one of the malign facing the education sector. It is a major issue facing students in several higher institutions of learning. Several institution of learning had in the past expelled or repeated students found wanting.


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