Late ESN commander, Ikonso

Separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has insisted that Nigeria’s security forces killed commander of its Eastern Security Network (ESN) Ikonso in his sleep in his father’s compound in Imo State on Saturday, and not gun battle.

The group said claims by the Nigerian Army, the police and the Department of State Services that Ikonso was killed during a gun battle was “false.”

IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful who said these in a statement on Tuesday, alleged that the ESN commander was killed because he drew away killer herdsmen in Imo State.

Powerful who was specifically responding to the N5 million fine and suspension slammed on Channels TV for interviewing him, described the suspension as an attempt by the Nigerian government to muzzle the media for disseminating the truth to Nigerians and the international community.

“That Aso Rock viciously and wickedly turned against their long term buddy, Channels Television, tells you all you need to know about Fulani Janjaweedism. It confirms that you can’t be friends with this bunch of hardened terrorists in power in Nigeria,” he said.

“Nigerian media initially failed to investigate and report the accurate information about the death of Commander Ikonso and those with him. Sections of the media only peddled lies and fake news dished out by the same security agencies that murdered Ikonso in his sleep.

“The bitter truth the Nigerian Government didn’t want people to hear, which IPOB disclosed at the said interview, was that Ikonso was murdered in his father’s house, not in any imaginary ESN camp or battlefield as the liars would hope to have us believe.

“The same Army, Police and DSS in Imo State that never for one day arrested or prosecuted any Fulani terror herdsman ravaging Imo State before the coming of Ikonso; the same Nigerian security agents that have always provided cover for terrorists and bandits, had the guts to ambush and kill the only man that drove Fulani terrorist herdsmen out of Imo State. Something Hope Uzodinma, Ohaneze Ndigbo and those Efulefus that conspired to kill him was not able to do.

“Commander Ikonso and the men with him in his father’s house were murdered by the Nigerian state with the help of APC (All Progressives Congress) politicians and Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership in Imo State. The worst part is that they lied about it.

“The Federal Government of Nigeria knows they cannot suppress the truth as far as IPOB is concerned. We will always put the records straight because the facts will always speak for itself.

“We are not Miyetti Allah, and we don’t kill or attack innocent individuals but Fulani terrorist herdsmen masquerading as cattle herders in our bushes and forests. This was the mandate of ESN and the cause for which Ikonso, a hero and gallant, patriotic Biafran and his men were murdered in cold blood.

“Commander Ikonso was only defending the land of his ancestors. He was murdered with the active connivance of Hope Uzodinma, George Obiozor and APC politicians in Imo State. They wanted to cover this atrocity but when Channels Television gave us the opportunity to tell the truth, the murderers in uniform and their masters in Aso Rock became offended.

“The action of NBC against Channels Television is only meant to gag and intimidate the press into total submission. It’s part of the calculated attempt towards suppressing the press and blocking the outside world access to atrocities being perpetrated against indigenous peoples in Nigeria.

“This is how they hurriedly and unjustifiably proscribed IPOB and tagged its innocent members terrorists without according the movement the right of defence in a law court. Nigeria is a country where injustice, hypocrisy and falsehood hold sway,” the statement concluded.