Police confirm killing of traditional ruler, chiefs in Imo
Hope Uzodinma, governor of Imo State

By Ori Martins

The Concerned Imo Professionals (CIP), a group of both indigenes and residents of Imo State, has descended strongly on Governor Hope Uzodimma and his APC government for “always promoting falsehood against the former governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha.”

In a release signed by the chairman of the body, a former vice chancellor of Madonna University, Prof Obioma Iheduru and made available to Business Hallmark in Owerri, CIP said, ” Whereas it has never been the intention or tradition of the Concerned Imo Professionals, CIP, to unnecessarily take on matters that are generally regarded as non issues, we are however very concerned that disgruntled elements within the Imo State ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and their cohorts, in a most nauseating and mindless fashion, have taken it upon themselves to discredit His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON”.

“It is a mark of gross failure and administrative incompetence of the Governor Hope Uzodimma and his illegitimate regime in Imo State. For this, the regime always drags the name of an innocent, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, through the muddy waters if their clueless regime”.

CIP noted that Uzodimma had allegedly failed as governor, hence, it has resorted to blackmail against Ihedioha and PDP. The group equally reveled that the commissioner of information was the mouthpiece of the Uzodimma maladministration in the state. According to it “We wish to state that Governor Uzodinma has failed woefully in the governance of Imo State. Hence his resort to commissioning his hatchet media propagandists, led by his Commissioner for Information,  Hon. Declan Emelumba, to attack His Excellency Hon. Ihedioha in a bid to smear his character and distract the attention of the public from the failures of his regime”.

Iheduru enthused that nit finding any wrong against Ihedioha, Uzodimma and his APC government now resort to using Peter Obi as a sling to fire the former house of representatives deputy speaker. He said, “The agents of the Imo State Government who are relentlessly using His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi,  Presidential  candidate of the Labour Party,  to misrepresent and blackmail Ihedioha for the purposes of the 2023 elections are doing so with satanic intention and diabolic inclinations.

“Governor Uzodinma and his cohorts are desperate about using Mr. Obi to cover their shame and failures.  These fruitless efforts to drag Obi into Imo State politics are completely out of the question and are bound to fail. The point we are making is that, the issue is about good governance and the future of our beloved Imo State. Therefore nobody should mistake our position  or allow the attention of  Imolites and Nigerians to be diverted.

“We call on Imolites to resist any effort to drag Mr. Peter Obi into the issues of misgovernance in Imo State. These gross ineptitude and high handedness have resulted in wanton killings and kidnappings across in Imo State. Need we mention the mindless looting of the state treasury, lack of payment of salaries and pensions, collapse of local of government system and infrastructure in the state. These are the issues that a good government should be addressing rather than chasing shadows”.

The release pointed out what it called immaculate performance of Ihedioha during his seven months stewardship as governor of the state. “Suffice to emphasis that His Excellency, Rt. Hon.  Emeka Ihedioha, was popularly and overwhelmingly elected by the good people of Imo State across party lines. Under his administration,  the people of Imo State enjoyed good governance in all sectors of the economy. And that bond is still intact and strong irrespective of the unjust Supreme Court judgement that cut short the Rebuild Imo administration”, CIP submitted.

CIP concluded by saying, “We in CIP, consider it mischievous and devilish to accuse Hon. Ihedioha, an acclaimed democrat and nationalist of insulting the Igbo. This is no doubt, one of the many blackmails orchestrated by Senator Hope Uzodinma and his collaborators to portray His Excellency Ihedioha in a negative manner and pitch him against Imolites”.

Meanwhile, the publicity secretary of APC in Imo State, Comrade C. Duke Akuta, dismissed the CIP group, labeling it as agents of the PDP and Ihedioha. He rather noted that the APC would leverage on Uzodimma’s
giant strides to
humble its opponents in the 2023 elections.

According to him “as we navigate towards the much awaited 2023 general elections, I can confirm to you that the coast is clear and we are confident of a turbulent free berth.”

He explained that as a party, APC had kept its promises to the people and electorate of Imo State. He said, “Any government in power is usually ranked or rated by its campaign promises and manifestos. For us in APC, we are very much aware that Governor Uzodimma has, to a very large extent, delivered on his campaign promises which were anchored in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

“The question should be: has the government of Uzodimma recovered Imo State? The answer is yes. Has the APC – led government in the state, with Uzodimma as leader, reconstructed and rehabilitated hitherto decayed and collapsed infrastructure in the state? The confirmation is on the affirmative. Therefore, the Governor Uzodimma – led APC government in the state has delivered and Imo electorate who are more than 90 percent enlightened and exposed, are aware of this glaring fact. They will vote for APC in the 2023 general elections”.

The APC publicity secretary pointed out that the opposition elements in Imo State are only busy instigating rumours and bitterness in the polity, insisting that neither the PDP nor the LP had informed Imolites on what should be done to improve the standard of living or even telling the masses what they would do when they come to power.

According to him, “for us, the issue is very clear. I can tell you for free that Governor Uzodimma has put in place massive infrastructure, particularly on road constructions and reconstructions and we can point at them, you can confirm them. This is governance. However, the opposition elements in the state are only sowing seeds of discord between the government and the masses. The opposition here refers to the agriefed APC elements, the PDP and LP in Imo State. They have yet to tell our people what would be doing and how they would go about it. And, let me tell you that our people are enlightened and exposed, they are wiser voters. They cannot be caught by the oppositions’ bait. They will return APC to power in 2023”.

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