Dorothy Akpovwa
Dorothy Akpovwa


A random social media post by Dorothy Akpovwa, 19-year-old Nigerian student of New York University (NYU), United States, complaining about poor quality of food served quarantining students at the university, has drawn global attention and forced the university to tender unreserved apology.

Dorothy, alongside other students were asked to return to the university in line with its management’s plans to quarantine students students returning from restricted states and countries for two weeks ahead of September 2 resumption date.

While Dorothy who flew in from Georgia and other 2,600 students were stuck inside their dorm rooms on quarantine, the university committed to sending each day three “nutritious” complimentary meals, plus a snack, to every student, according to an update on their website.

But as it turned out, the meal was anything but “nutritious” even as the students were rarely served, prompting the complain by Dorothy.

“This is what NYU gave us to eat y’all. Looks like I’m going to look like a skeleton once quarantine is over because imagine me eating this. How does this food combination even make sense?,” she wrote in a tweet that soon drew global attention.

She later told CNN that on her first day in the dorms she received all three of her meals but the following day she didn’t get dinner until 10 pm.

One of the meals she received was a watermelon-cucumber chicken salad — a mix that she quickly took to Twitter to express her disappointment about.

She told CNN sometimes the meals don’t meet the suggested total calorie intake for a day, which she finds worrying.

CNN also interviewed other students who shared their own experiences. And on Thursday, the university tendered an apology, in a statement, giving gift cards to students in compensation.

The school said every student affected would get a $100 e-giftcard to spend on food delivery, while explaining that it never tried the process before.
“This is a never-before-tried operation for us and our food vendor, Chartwells,” the school management wrote. “It is vital to get it right, and we are disappointed in Chartwells’ management of the quarantine meals process. We and Chartwells are correcting the situation promptly.”


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