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Hospitality industry in Nigeria deserves special attention – George-Taylor



Hospitality industry in Nigeria deserves special attention - George-Taylor

National President of the Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Clubs Association in Nigeria, Morenike George-Taylor, has noted that the hospitality industry in Nigeria deserves special attention and should not be relegated to the background, since it is one of the industries where the country derives huge internally generated revenue.

George-Taylor spoke at a meeting of the members on the way forward and how to improve their operations across the country, held recently.

She also pointed out that apart from the fact that the hospitality industry is a major source of revenue to the country, its recreational value has been immense blessings for Nigeria, especially from, Restaurants, Bars,bCafes and Clubs, which she emphasized that if not for their existence to douse tensions, stress and emotions, Nigeria would have been experiencing high rate of people suffering from depression and hypertension.

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According to the President of RCBC “In the ever-evolving business landscape of Nigeria, the hospitality industry has faced its fair share of challenges. From navigating the complexities of taxation to grappling with harsh business laws and supplier bottlenecks, restaurant, bar, and club owners have had to navigate complex waters.”

She noted that the formation of the Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, and Clubs Association (RCBC) has been a game-changer, empowering its members to collectively overcome these obstacles and pave the way for their greater development.

She continued “RCBC Association was created with a simple, yet powerful, mission: to provide a united front for the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

“The Association Created in 2020, and was first formed as a response to the challenges faced by the Hospitality Industry during the COVID -19 pandemic. Recognizing that strength lies in unity, the Association has become a beacon of hope for its members, who now have a platform to voice their concerns, share best practices, and collectively advocate for positive change.”

George Taylor also highlighted the aims and objectives of the association which according to her is to promote, strengthen, develop the association and networking among owners and operators of restaurants, café, bars and clubs in Nigeria.

Other objectives, are to raise operating standards of practices in restaurants, café, bars and clubs in Nigeria, to promote and defend the collective interests of restaurant, cafes, bars and club owners, to regulate processes that directly affect restaurants, café, bars and clubs and the hospitality industry generally in Nigeria.

She emphasised that the aims and objectives of the association will effectively advocate policies between industry owners and the federal, state and local governments

George – Taylor also stressed that strength in unity would serves as Catalyst for hospitality industry to overcome it’s challenges.
George -Taylor further opined that the RCBC Association would also encouraged restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs to join the association.
She added that “a lot of knowledge is shared among members and this will equally helps members make informed decisions. In the popular words of the popular quote ‘United we stand’.
Also speaking, the Director of Membership, Human Resources and Training, Ore Okuboyejo posited that Working together of Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and Clubs can achieve their shared goals.

He emphasised that Hospitality establishments that join the RCBC would benefit from working together to achieve their collective goals.


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