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Students of Grange School Lagos in cultural display during the Celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day

Saluting the nation and its freedom fighters on the last school day before its 58 th
Independence Day, the management, staff and students of Grange School Lagos have
marked the occasion with a host of activities highlighting the cultural diversity of our great
country, Nigeria.
The event witnessed the participation of students from various classes supporting and
representing the uniqueness of each Nigerian culture by dressing up in traditional attires of
the different states in Nigeria.
The school’s National Day activities served as a tribute to Nigeria, her history, her culture
and her heroes, while the traditional fashion parade was specifically aimed at highlighting
the nation’s unity in diversity.
“The aim of today’s national day activities is to celebrate the uniqueness and richness of
Nigeria’s history and culture. Students and teachers of the school joined forces to identify
prominent icons of Nigeria’s history and cultural tapestry. The entire school was involved in
its making to instill patriotic fervour among the staff and students,” said Mr. Guy Cassarchis,
Headmaster, Grange School Lagos.

He encouraged everyone further saying, “As we gather to celebrate this great day in Lagos, it
is imperative that all citizens of Nigeria reflect on the nature of commitment that each and
every individual can offer in transforming the Motherland.”

October 1st will always be a memorable day for our country and its people. It is an
important day of festive and historic remembrance where we celebrate culture and the

pride of our great nation. The significance of October 1 st is also a strong reminder of one of
the strong values of Grange School for the past 60 years, which is the importance of
educating young children to be great leaders who will learn about Nigeria’s difference
cultures and the importance of uniting our nation despite our rich diversity.



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