Economic Mgt Team not same as National Economic Council, By Oby Ezekwesili
Mrs. Ezekwesili

Former Minister of Education, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili has said that failing security in the country was prove that the government of President Muhammadu Buhari lacked the competence to govern Nigeria.

Ezekwesili who took to her twitter handle @obyezeks on Tuesday to express her feelings about the situation in the country, said it was unfortunate that the government has refused to own up to its responsibilities.

She said a government cannot solve a problem without first owning up to such problem.

“I think that the president is the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian armed forces. If security is failing in the country, that is the fastest way to assess the incompetence that the president has shown so far to an issue that affects the majority of his citizens,” Ezekwesili said.

“I repeat this: I do not think we should mince words and that is why I am not mincing words. We cannot have (a president) who is comfortable to be in the office, spending the night at the villa, unconcerned about the type of challenges that we the citizens are facing.”

“I repeat: No individual… no country… no Leader ever solved a Problem they refused to Own. Indeed. No country…. no Leader ever solved a Problem they Deny. Nigerians are greater than anyone person sitting in office. Own the Insecurity Problem.” she declared.

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