Ebonyi 2023: AnyiChucks campaign vows not to allow charlatans deter quest for governorship
Anyi Chuks

The ANYICHUKS CAMPAIGN COUNCIL, says its attention has been drawn to a ‘thoughtless and vicious campaign advertisement targeted at our Principal, Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Odii, a frontline PDP Governorship aspirant and two others,’ but will not be deterred by same.

The campaign council in a statement by Chief Abia Onyike, its director of media and publicity, said the mischievous advertisement appeared in a bill board mounted at Presco and Akanu Ibiam Junctions and other parts of Abakaliki metropolis.

According to Onyike, in the write-up, titled “Exposing the David Umahi’s 2023 Agenda,” the hack writer or writers who lacked the courage to pen their names, alleged that the three asirants whose photographs appeared in the billboard were being set up as Gov. David Umahi’s “underground candidates for the Governorship election”.

Then he went ahead to appeal to voters, saying that: “I must tell you to be very careful with these three candidates above. The fact is if you want Ebonyi state to be better again, please vote wisely because your vote counts”.

Onyike said, “The fact is that this is not just the handiwork of anonymous hack writers or incredulous advertisers, it is a carefully orchestrated campaign of calumny being planted by a Governorship aspirant whose campaign project has run into murky waters on account of his own unpopularity and rejection by Ebonyi people.

“His resort to this type of campaign strategy signifies his failures and frustrations with the current turn of events. The picture he has painted in his advertisement is not only dubious but a reflection of his false personal imagination.

“The people of Ebonyi state and the teeming supporters of ANYICHUKS are hereby called upon to ignore the antics of these drowning men from an equally drowning campaign organization.

“Their decision to attack ANYICHUKS is borne out of the fear that he may have an upper hand in the upcoming Governorhip primaries in the state. There is no amount of falsehood, innuendos and fiendish recriminations that can stop an idea whose time has come. Anyichuks is a man of integrity, honour and candour who is loved by Ebonyians from all walks of life. We believe that Ebonyians are matured enough to decide who will lead them. Anyichuk’s antecedents and pedigree are already in the public domain. He is too decent to engage in voodoo politics.

“For the past 17 years, Dr. Odi has demonstrated his love and passion for the people of Ebonyi State. His contract with Ebonyi people had been midwifed by several landmark projects in philanthropy, social enterpreneuship and life changing endeavours.

“To wake up one day and alleged that Dr Odi was being fronted by someone else as a political decoy is the height of fallacy which has no basis in truth and reality. Let us reiterate it here once again that Anyichuks entered the Governorship race based on his independent decision as an Ebonyi citizen. He was inspired by his love for the people and remains unshakable in his commitment to their cause. As an accomplished and successful individual, he can never condescend to the lower status ascribed to political charlatans.

“We appeal to the mischief-makers to join Anyichuks in his decent campaign style which is issue based-and policy-driven. That is the only way to make Ebonyi great again.”



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