Alex Otti, APGA's Abia State gubernatorial candidate


Dr Alex Otti, governorship candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in the 2019 governorship election in Abia State has promised to do more for the people of the state by supplying more medical equipment to help keep them safe from Coronavirus.

Dr. Otti who on Wednesday, donated 2,500 units of fedical facial Masks, 25,000 pairs of medical hand gloves, 2,500 units of medical personal protection robes, 2,500 pairs of medical glasses, 2,500 pairs of medical booths to the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Six bedroom duplex with two room boys quarters in Umuocham, Aba to the Living World Hospital, Aba for conversion to an isolation centre, among others.

Otti who spoke to our correspondents after the donation said, “The pandemic is real and is taking its toll on many countries. Before now, counties like Italy did not really expect that they would be hit the way they are being hit. And even when the government made attempts to contain it, I’m not sure that people listened until we now have a situation where people are dying in excess of 500 a day.

“I have noticed that our people have not taken it as seriously as they should. And our government also has not also followed the required protocols. I listen to some of our leaders appealing to God and building their foundation on hope and faith that it will not come near us. And I thought that knowing full well how far things have gone, we needed to intervene. This is just the first in the series of interventions that we intend to do. We are also calling on other well meaning individuals to join hands to ensure that we safe lives in the state.”

The former bank CEO regretted that medical facilities are inadequate in the country, noting that the best Nigerians can do at the moment is take necessary precautionary measures.

“The reality is that if we know what we know the number of people infected. At the moment, I understand that there are only three places where conclusive test can happen: Lagos, Abuja and somewhere in Edo State. So, even if someone is infected, that person may not know until the person has gone through test and you can see how difficult it would be for someone from Abia to be tested,” he noted.

“We believe that it is better to sensitise our people to be aware that this virus is real and that they can be infected if they don’t observe the necessary hygiene, social distancing, self isolation or self quarantine if they feel they have exposed themselves. A lot of people have travelled and come back and they just jumped into the crowd.

“Today you can see that more and more people, even in government, including the Chief of Staff to the President, are now being treated for Coronavirus. If it can people at that level, it can affect anybody. So, for us, we feel it’s a responsibility we have as enlightened people and blessed people, to help others who may not be as privileged as we are, to first of all, be aware that this thing is real.