Reverend Tony Akinyemi
Reverend Tony Akinyemi


Computer scientist, nutritionist and senior pastor of the Shepherds Flock International Church, Ikeja, Lagos, Reverend Tony Akinyemi, has alleged that the novel Coronavirus pandemic was created in a laboratory and is being used by certain interests to enrich themselves.

Akinyemi who said this in an interview with Business Hallmark noted that there is undue fear being created around the virus, which according to him, is meant to compel people to accept vaccines.

“Coronavirus is one type or family of viruses. Coronaviruses are many. The COVID-19 that everyone is talking about is the one that made the family of Coronavirus popular. The Coronavirus family has existed for long. But COVID-19 is the new baby born into the family, and that’s the one causing trouble all over the world because of its unique characteristics. First of all, it is an engineered virus; it is not a naturally occurring virus, it was engineered in a laboratory,” he said.

“You can take and old virus and do some genetic re-engineering with it, it’s called biotechnology. So, this is a newly engineered virus, created in a lab. It is possible that it accidentally escaped from the lab and started infecting people. It is also possible that it was deliberately released. Those are the two theories. If it was intentionally released, then the people who did it are bioterrorists and after the virus has been addressed, we need to fish them and prosecute them. They would owe the world an answer for unleashing this terror on humanity. Many people have died, economies have been shut down, people have suffered all kinds of serious hardship as a result of this. It would amount to a very terrible crime against humanity if it was done intentionally.”

Akinyemi emphasised that the virus is real and is killing people, warned that some are playing it up to take advantage of it.

“Yes, as a scientist, I cannot say it’s not real, because it is real. What I can say, however, is that some interests are trying to use it as an opportunity to enrich themselves. They see it as an opportunity to execute their agenda. But It is real, I mean, it’s a virus that is out there. However, they decided to hype it out of proportion. Like I said, you create a problem, you get a reaction from the people and then you proffer a solution and your solution makes money. I’m a computer engineer, that’s the first certificate I earned. And when I was practicing computer engineering in those days, between 80s and early 90s, we had computer viruses that suddenly broke out from out of nowhere.

“The same people that created the virus also created another software called antivirus to help you clear your computer of viruses, and they were selling it for money. Up till today, antiviruses are still being sold. There are companies that have been operating for 30 to 40 years making money from antivirus. Some people will write the virus code and other people will write the anti virus code and they make money out of it. The same thing is happening right now. Everybody is looking for opportunities to make money.

“Look at malaria for the example. Israel has successfully wiped out malaria today. If you find any mosquito in Israel, they don’t carry the malaria parasite. So even if mosquitoes bite you in Israel, you won’t get malaria. Several other countries in Europe have successfully wiped out mosquitoes. Now, how did they do it? It remains a trade secret. Why can’t they teach us how they did it so we can do same? But rather than do that for us, they are saying they would develop malaria vaccines for us. They are still working on malaria vaccines as we speak because that’s where they will make money. So, for me, it goes beyond whether the viruses are real or not real. They are real.

“But the other side is that there are interests that are looking for ways to make those micro organisms money spinners for themselves. And they want to make sure that we are always at the receiving end. We are the consumers of their products. They don’t want us to produce our home grown solutions for ourselves and even export to them. They don’t want that to ever happen.”

Asked if he anticipates a situation where the would escalate on the continent to the point that there would be dead bodies in the streets, Akinyemi assured that it’s not going to happen.

“That is not going to happen. It’s false prediction intended to create panic and fear so that when they finish developing their vaccine, they will say, come we have found a saviour for you, and because you have already panicked, you will just say, bring it as long as it will save my life. It’s a strategy. If you are looking for solution to COVID-19, there are three places you can go: One, we can go into the forest -herbs: trees and leaves, to look for herbal remedy. We can use herbs to make drugs that can address it virus.

“I mean, Madagascar has come up with their own. Packs Herbal in Ewu, Delta State, has come up with their own. I know about three or four others in Nigeria who have come up with their own. Even though these remedies have not been tested, it goes to show that that is one place where we can get remedies from. The second source is the earth. You can take minerals and petrochemicals from the earth to make synthetic drugs. Even though I don’t favour synthetic drugs as much, but that’s another source.

“The third one is to look for solutions in the laboratory. You go to the lab and you create vaccines. These are the three places. And if you have these three places, you can see that those who are saying that there would be dead bodies in the streets, the only place they are producing their own is in the lab. And because they know there are seven billion people on the earth, if they can make their vaccine and it’s successful and they shut down all others, they badmouth those making herbs and say it’s not going to work, they are going to make billions of dollars. It’s an economic battle.”

Full interview to be published subsequently