Home Lifestyle Being a celebrity has won me favours- Amanda Ebeye

Being a celebrity has won me favours- Amanda Ebeye



Being a celebrity has won me favours- Amanda Ebeye

Soaps like Super Story, More than a friend, The Patriot, Blast from the past, Every day People, Clinic Matters brought Amanda Ebeye, an International Studies and Diplomacy graduate from Benson Idahosa University, the fame she has always desired.

Hallmark’s YINKA LAWAL recently caught up with Nigerian actress cum model whom many mistake for a Ghanaian. She shares her journey on how she carved a niche for herself in the acting industry:

Have you always aspired to go into acting from the start?

Yes, I have always thought about acting from the beginning.

Apart from acting what other things are you willing to try?

Away from acting I could try my hand on producing some day.

What challenges did you face at the beginning?

Well, there were several challenges, not being able to get to locations and audition venues on time. Sometimes, I could not get there because there was no money; my mum was sustaining me. later I was doing a lot of modelling in order to get some money, then they were paying N2000, N1000. There were moments we didn’t get paid; a free job unlike now that we get paid.

You are also a model. How did that happen?

I got into modelling before acting. My family lives in Benin.  It was actually modelling that brought me to Lagos.  I had jobs with Unity Bank, UBA, Emzor Paracetamol and others.

How did your parents take it when you got into modelling?

My mum was more interested in my education. My dad didn’t want to hear of it but my mum didn’t mind as long as I got a degree. Immediately, I finished my studies, she allowed me.

Tell us more about the new you are working on?

The production is by Kalu George and is called the “Green Necklace” It is a nice, interesting movie. It is something that would interest people. They should look forward to it.

What is the story line all about?

It is about a lady and a young man whose parents were killed, so they were in a quest to find out who killed their parents. The theme shows the significance of the Green necklace in the movie because when the murder took place a Green Necklace was dropped. So, they wanted to find out the significance of the Necklace.


How long did it take in the production of the film?

From the producers point of view it took 3 weeks.

What should fans expect from the movie?

They should expect something different from the usual me; the softer part of Amanda. It is something I want my fans to look forward to. The technical aspect and story line is beautiful.

What is your major role in the film?

I am the lead character, the girl that had her mother killed when she was very young, It is something that traumatised her throughout her entire life and at all cost she wanted to find out who killed her mother.

Are you considering movie production like some of your colleagues?

Yes, I will produce someday may be not now perhaps by next year.

Is this one of your major movie because you mostly feature in soaps?

No, I have done some other movies, and some people think I am a Ghanaian because I have done a lot of Ghanaian movies .I was part of “Unbreakable egg” where I played the lead character with some big actors.

Why do you do more of soaps than movies?

There was a time I stopped doing movies and concentrated on soap operas. That was between 2009 and 2011. Since 2011, I have been doing strictly movies apart from Bella’s Place ,that is owned by Royal Roots.

Where will you place yourself in the movie industry?

I am ok though I like money but I am not fulfilled yet

Which of your movies remain evergreen for you?

I would say Awgoma, it sapped my energy when I was acting it. I was exhausted. It tested my capability as an actor. It was so challenging and then I had not done something so challenging. So it was good one for me.

What is your advice to upcoming actors?

Be confident and believe in yourself and know that it does not matter how you look or your age. The industry is open for a lot of people and it is an industry that accepts everybody. So, as long as you are talented and have what it takes. Get an education and get empowered then you can do anything you want to do. Acting is a very fulfilling job and anybody that wants to come should not give up.

Most of your colleague participated during the last election, what is your view on that?

I do not have anything against anyone who wants to become a politician. I do not have any problem with actors participating in politics. Actors can campaign for people but I have a problem when you don’t speak the truth and you don’t vote for the true person .

Tell us about your educational background?

I studied International law and Diplomacy at the  Benson Idahosa University and graduated in 2007.

Has your celebrity status helped you get favours?

Yes, I get loads of favours because people are always nice to me, especially my fans. I get easy favours and preferential treatment. I don’t have to queue; I don’t have to pay for certain things.