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2023: Your time is up, prepare your handover notes, Imo PDP tells Uzodimma



After 11/11, insecurity worsens in Imo

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, has told Hope Uzodimma, the state governor, to prepare his handover notes ahead of the state’s governorship election in the last quarter of 2023.

The opposition party in a statement issued by its publicity secretary in the state, Collins Opurozor, accused the governor of planning to arrest and indefinitely detain some prominent leaders of the main opposition party.

The statement said that the PDP in the state would resist any plot to gag the opposition in the state.

The statement partly read, “The Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State views with dismay the story making the rounds that the regime of Senator Hope Uzodimma has concluded plans to arrest and indefinitely detain some prominent leaders of our Party ahead of the 2023 elections over some fallacious, imaginary and trumped-up charges.

“What is really distressing about the whole saga is not so much that it is being personally promoted and syndicated by Senator Uzodimma’s hirelings, than that the Imo State Police Command, which has been reported to be masterminding this very provocative hatchet operation, has till this moment refused to come out clean about its alleged role.

“Our Party, therefore, warns that the barbaric attempt by this war-mongering regime in Imo State to gag, incarcerate, crush or eliminate our leaders will be met with very stiff resistance, and it will most certainly backfire. Senator Uzodimma and his band of political jaywalkers must denounce aggression now and give peace a chance in Imo.

“For almost three years since the Supreme Court foisted him on Imo people, this disputed Governor has not hidden his penchant for crisis, anarchy and perfidy. This is even as he has totally failed to address the basic issues of governance, chief among which is insecurity, bedevilling the state.

“Before now, the chaotic government had sent some thugs and security operatives to seal off the campaign office belonging to our senatorial candidate for Imo East, Hon. Uche Onyeagucha, in Owerri. They had also severally hired hoodlums to stage protests against PDP chieftains. Every other week, rented hoodlums are let loose in Owerri to foul up the city and call for the arrest of our leaders over absolutely nothing. We have intercepted intelligence that our leaders might begin to disappear under inexplicable circumstances as the elections approach.

“It is important to state that since the INEC voter register fraud perpetrated in the Governor’s village, Omuma, and other parts of the state was exposed, the frustrations of this illegitimate government have only increased. We also have intelligence about an ongoing plot to hire a new set of hoodlums to begin demonstrations in Owerri against PDP leaders just to incite violence against these very respected sons of the state.

“This renewed gale of aggression and belligerence against prominent Imo leaders is a fit testimony to the unbearable frustrations of a defeated regime which has reached its terminus.

“Imo PDP regrets that, while innocent citizens are being abducted and killed and houses razed with countless thousands becoming displaced in parts of the state, the fascist APC regime of Senator Uzodimma does not give a hoot about these tragedies. Instead, the obsession is only about fighting mindless wars against perceived political enemies.

“The hills of Okigwe have been taken over by kidnappers, just as bandits and terrorists have secured for themselves a safe haven in the valleys of Orsu. Even Oru East, where the Governor comes from, has been deserted on account of ceaseless killings and arson.

“All of these have had adverse consequences on agricultural productivity in the state as Imo people now live in the throes of hunger and mass penury.

“Yet, the dictatorship in Imo has continued to show this shocking level of irresponsibility, insensitivity and ineptitude over the festering insecurity. Worse still, the state-sanctioned militia force known as Ebubeagu has also been accused of partaking in the festival of blood against innocent citizens. The souls of the 14 innocent young men from Otulu who were gruesomely in Awo-Omamma a few months ago are still weeping for justice!

“Our Party requests Senator Uzodimma to immediately begin to prepare his handover notes as Imo people can no longer bear the agonies levied on them by his cruel and ruinous misrule. His ouster is a decided issue among the people. No amount of intimidation or harassment of opposition leaders will change that fact.

“We finally call on President Muhammadu Buhari to quickly intervene in this matter and call his party man, Senator Uzodinma, to order. The Federal Government should not help to advance the agenda of a man who now poses serious threat to the peace of Imo State and safety of Imo citizens.”


Responding, the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Print Media, Modestus Nwamkpa, said that the PDP in the state “is a frustrated opposition party”.

The governor’s aide said that the Uzodimma’s achievements had dwarfed PDP, adding that the governor would floor the PDP if he announces his interest to seek a re-election.


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