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2023: The youth must change Nigeria’s leadership, no time for ethnic politics – Obasanjo



I'm a mad man for agriculture, Obasanjo declares

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, has called on the youths to stand up and change the country’s leadership, noting that the 2023 election is not the time to play politics of ethnicity.

He said this during a visit by veteran entertainer, Charly Boy, to his residence on Friday.

Asked by Charly Boy to advise “frustrated Nigerians” Obasanjo who said he is the father of frustrated youths in the country, noted that it’s not the fault of God that Nigerians are poor and frustrated, but the choice of leadership.

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“That we are frustrated and poor is not the fault of God, it is the choice of our leaders. And if you have to change that, change our situation, you have to change leadership, pure and simple. And there is nobody who is going to do it other than the youths.

If you have a baby with very robust waist, you don’t take your beads and out on somebody else. And I say to people that my own baby is Nigeria, that’s the one that has robust waist, and that’s the one I want to put beautiful beads on, not any other individual who I know will not achieve whatever they promised that they will achieve.”

Emphasising that 2023 is not time for ethnic politics, Obasanjo said, “In the north they say, ‘La mu la muni’. ‘Tiwa n tiwa’, in south-east, it’s ‘Nka bu ka nyi.’ Now, that is not the issue, the issue is Nigeria.”

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