A farmers’ association, The Yoruba Youth Agenda Farmers Association has appealed to the police authorities to investigate the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Oko-Oba Police Station,Abule-Egba area,Agege, Mr. Kingsley Anyanwu over extortions , harassment and illegal arrests with a view to extorting money from innocent citizens.

Penultimate Tuesday, the President of Yoruba Youth Farmers Association was driving home with a consignment of fish from the farmers’ association farm when they accosted a detachment of police men near Oko Oba police station . The police men manning the road immediately flagged down the vehicle and the motorcycle carrying Otunba Adeyemi Adejumo, chairman of the farmers’ association. Adejumo told this newspaper that he explained to the police men that accosted him that he is a farmer carrying bags of fish from the fish farm since farmers were exempted by the federal government from the movement restriction. He reportedly presented his identity card but the police men impounded the car, saying he had no right to move adding that it did not matter if he was a farmer.

The impounded motorcycle was subsequently taken to Oko Oba police station, where the Divisional Police Officer was one Kingsley Anyanwu. Adejumo said he met with the DPO but the latter insisted that his motorcycle remained impounded and would be taken to Alausa the following morning for grinding.

According to Adejumo’s report, Mr. Anyanwu allegedly threatened to arrest him, and all entreaties to the Divisional Police Officer further infuriated him.

The following day Mr.Adejumo told this newspaper that he went to the Oko Oba police station again to make further entreaties in view of the fact that people in the food chain are not banned from carrying out their activities, Anyanwu threatened to shot him and grind his motorcycle.

Adejumo said on the day of the visit many of the impounded motorcycles were released after the owners acceded to the police men demand to part with agreed sum.

Adejumo looking visibly angry appeals to the police authorities to prevail on the Divisional Police Officer to release his motorcycle.

“I am appealing to the police authorities to prevail on him to release the motorcycle. We are registered farmer, Yoruba Youth Agenda Farmers Association is registered with federal government on rice production, we are also recognised by the Ogun State government”, he said.


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