Boko Haram insurgents

A few weeks ago, Business Hallmark Newspaper published on its online platform, an erroneous report titled “BREAKING: Nigeria Emerges Most Terrorised Country in Africa.”

The said report was to the effect that Nigeria had been ranked the most terrorised country in Africa, and third most terrorised country globally behind Afghanistan and Iraq by the Global Terrorism Index (GTI).

The report was done by one of our usually reliable reporters and in the event, we did not verify the information before publication.

We wish to acknowledge that the information is false, and has therefore been withdrawn.

Nigeria was never at any time ranked most terrorised country in Africa, and we understand that the GTI is yet to release its report for 2020. We sincerely apologise for this error, and thank those who drew our attention to it.

We also use opportunity to reassure our esteemed readers that it is not in our character to publish unverified information.

Our platform will continue to publish well researched, factual reports and analysis in line with our tradition.

Thank you for your understanding.