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Profile: Allen Onyema: Nigeria’s aviation mystery man



Allen Onyema, CEO, Air Peace

Not much was known of him as a money bag in the country; indeed, not many even knew the man or the name. It was fairy tale that recalls the adventures of Cinderella; but this is reality, and more so in Nigeria’s most difficult sector – aviation – the graveyard of many wealthy people who thought regrettably that possession of money and success in other business areas were sufficient credential and requirements to venture into the aviation sector’

Well none ended well and the wreckage which strewn the industrial landscape tells the story. The list is endless – Concorde air owned by MKO Abiola, Kabo, owned by Alhaji Dan Kabo, Okada, by Chief Igbinedion, Oriental by Chief Iwuanaynwu, Harka by Gen. Marwa, Nigeria Air by Jimoh Ibrahim, Aero Contractors, Chanchangi, Sossoliso. There were others professional aviators such as ADC, Bellview etc Even the government owned Nigeria Airways died.

Arik came in 2006 with such a fanfare; today the earlier dream has turned to nightmare, with the once vibrant and promising outfit is on receivership. In the midst of this growing despair in the sector after over N120 billion intervention by government, came Air Peace with no past pedigree or known personality behind it.

The first mystery about Air peace was it ownership. No one could identify a personality behind it. Air Peace owner – who is he? This question interested many people. After all, only a very talented, responsible, and a determined person can lead such a big business. In this article, we will talk about this person. Just click ‘Read more’ and find out the answer. Read more.

There was a theory that the owner of this establishment is Patience Jonathan, former Nigerian First Lady. However, it seemed much more plausible that Kingsley Kuku or Allen Onyema was the owner. As it turned out, the latter is the most believable. Many people have been named the owners of Air Peace Nigerian Airlines but we’ll list those on whom the public the most has focused attention:

It was thought that Onyema acted only as a representative of Patience Jonathan. Then appeared the name of Stella Oduah. The most interesting thing is that Allen has never personally met any of these women before.

Another contender was Timi Alaibe. Yet there are others who believe that the head is Kingsley Kuku. Many articles have been written about him, assuring that the information is 100% true. Now we know the truth: Allen Onyema is an definite owner of Air Peace. It should be mentioned that the success of this man is not at all connected with Kuku

Career successes Allen Onyema’s success story is very interesting and an example for all anyone who wants to succeed in Nigerian business. This man is a real embodiment of integrity. Let’s learn more about him and his business:

The appearance of the company Air Peace Airlines in the aviation market has provided the opportunity for many unemployed people to find a job. There are various rumors about Onyema: from more or less plausible to frankly absurd. In actual fact, he is a very humane person, trying to do everything possible to provide comfort and safety to people. He is very persistent and reserved. Looking at the pages of his biography, we see that success had accompanied the businessman since 1992. He also has a lot of experience in real estate.

It is known that he has properties in Lagos and a number of other regions of Nigeria. This was before he participated in the Nonviolence Conflict Management. Thanks to this effort, Niger Delta has become much calmer.

FEHN owned by Allen is the only organization in Africa that conducts Transformational Training for violent people.

Peacekeeping activities Onyema is known for his effective actions in Obubra. For about a year, he maintained a peaceful atmosphere in this place thereby preserving the lives of people. This is an unprecedented case when no one life was lost in a camp with 1500 thousand rebels. Allen successfully conducted a programme of transforming the lives of 30 thousand former military personnel who received amnesty. The important role of his group was confirmed at the international level, which is very important for Nigeria. Onyema was at risk when he was in Obubra and he could have even lost his life. The work he did was quite dangerous. Kuku did not give him this job. This is only a rumour.

Of course, when a person does a lot and attracts attention, there will always be people wishing to douse him in the mud. Anyone can use the Internet and write scandalous rumours on their blog. However, despite all attempts, writers and their sponsors failed to spoil Allen’s reputation. Many know about his good deeds. He did not react to intimidation and blackmail. Love him or hate him, but this man stabilized the Amnesty Program and made a huge contribution to its development. In addition to his actions in Obubra, he created first-class means for training abroad at a time when there were not enough local centers.

In the Middle East, Allen provided pension payments for trainees who passed through his program. He created wise employment strategy. The merits of this man are huge, so it’s worth praising him and not spreading dirty rumors. In many ways, the goal of these rumours was to destroy him and the public did not realise this. Allen was accused of getting his place in AP through Kuku. It was also said that he financed Obama.

Contribution to the social development of Nigeria It’s worth mentioning that before AP, in 2004 this man began to contribute to the improvement of social values in the country. He used his project FEHN, traveled to 36 regions and preached humanity to higher and lower classes. In 2004-2005, the first Forever Project took place, thanks to which Allen had a lot of followers in all regions of Nigeria. He was the sole sponsor. Many Emirs including Sultan Maccido accepted him with respect, showing that they support his activities.

In 2005, he turned the military project towards an intellectual direction. Allen began to work with youths across the country, telling them about non-violent practices and introducing a humane philosophy. Many soldiers went abroad for training thanks to him. In 2006, Shell administration asked Allen to take their representatives for this project. But Onyema refused the large corporation due to the fact that they did not meet the deadline of the registration. Can you imagine? Refused such a big partner! Allen did not want to take more people than he needed because of a greed for profit. The Shell representatives were admitted to the program later.

This is by far not the only example of this man’s honesty and incorruptibility. There are a lot of them! We can say with full confidence that Allen Onyema is a true God’s messenger. His motives may not be understood by ordinary people who are more used to living today, thinking about instant profit and not about the future. So ill-wishers should rethink their positions.

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