Adebayo Obajemu

According to findings by Business Hallmark, Nigerians have spent N334.3 billion to import foodstuffs, tobacco, others in 6-months.

Economic difficulties hit harder as prices of major household items such as tomatoes, vegetable oil, t, pepper, rice and several other food produces have once again hiked across major markets.

In a survey conducted by this newspaper, it was revealed that Nigerians may be on a sustained challenging time due to COVID-19 pandemic as major markets across Lagos state have been hit with low patronage, low sales and rising prices.

Consider a medium-sized bag of pepper that was about a month ago sold for an average of N8,000 in June has now jumped by 20% to sell for an average of N10,000. In the same vein, a big basket of oval-shaped tomatoes that was initially sold for an average of N8,500 now sells for an average of N10,000.

this newspaper’s findings revealed that 25 litres gallon of vegetable oil also jumped by 4.01% from an initial average of N12,575 to an average of N13,100. Surprisingly, the price of onions increased in the past weeks as a big bag of dry onions now sells for an average of N17,000 from an initial drop reported in June.