Nationwide blackout imminent as electricity workers join ASUU protest

Nigeria’s electricity supply dipped on Monday to 98.19kMWh, representing a 0.2% decline compared to 98.36kMWh supplied on Sunday.

This is according to information from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Energy generation also recorded a 0.1% decline to 99.62kMWh on Monday from 99.7kMWh generated on Sunday, 1st May 2022. Meanwhile, power generation peaked at 4.25kMW, while its off-peak during the day was 3.95kMW.

The highest frequency for the day was 50.39Hz, while the lowest frequency was 49.23Hz. A further look at the tracker showed that 98.57% of the total energy generated on Monday was sent out to consumers.


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