Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Blessing adds new Range Rover to fleet of cars
Nkechi Blessing

Nigerians have taken to some social media to slam Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a controversial actress, for sharing s3x toys as souvenirs at her mother’s remembrance on Sunday.

The actress held a remembrance party for her mother who died in 2021 with many of her friends, colleagues and fans turning up.

In the video shared online, the mother of one was seen distributing s3x toys to ladies at party before some other guests descended on her, jostling for the souvenirs.

A tweep, Only AyoIfe slammed the actress for announcing the gift in the presence of a minor, tweeting, “If no be say that Nkechi Blessing is a sick…, how can you display dildos like that and share as souvenirs in a party where kids are present?”

Another user, Tunrayo said, “Masturbating is a huge sin and I feel most sins have now become normalised; this wouldn’t normalise it in the eyes of God.

“Nkechi Blessing has displayed the highest level of stupidity a woman of her age can ever do. Makes me wonder if she told anyone about this before doing it.”

Pelumi Mohdupe also came down hard on the actress for desecrating the memory of her late mother. She said, “Nkechi blessing shares dildo as souvenir at her mom’s 1year remembrance, chase your clout but respect your mum and to think kids are present at the party.”

ladye4303 wrote: “This is total disrespect to her mother. This is so wrong on many levels. May her mother’s soul rest in peace”

blackkingkelly said “This is to show that it was never about her mother’s honor. It was just a reason to gather people and make some money, influence and clout . If it was my sister , I would hear from me physically. So you can do this on another day ? Was this not supposed to be about her mother? Watch her set ring light and milk her mother even more soon . How on earth will someone try and justify this ? The things money make make men and women do in Lagos ehnn will scare you”

ardell_ng stated: “Now I am beginning to believe the drug accusation, otherwise which right thinking adult will do such?Even the westerners that we feel are more exposed than us will not try such, in a memorial service abi party.”

tor_ria tweeted: “On her mum’s Remembrance Day? If it was on her own birthday or a random celebration it’s a different thing. Total disrespect to the dead”

joycelineadeleke stated: “How about her siblings? You mean then men in her family are there and okay with this?”



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