Dele Adeleke
Dele Adeleke

By Sunday Oguntuyi

I have just come across an article questioning the experience and political credential of Mr. Dele Adeleke, one of the gubernatorial aspirants in Osun state, and I can’t help but wonder what could have prompted such concerns. Even more baffling is the idea that he lacks political roots. I must say it is laughable and hypocritical.

While it is good to have held political office in the past, it is definitely not a condition or a pointer to the ability of an aspirant to organize and deliver. There are so many successful elected officers who never held elective office before becoming elected into office.

As understandable as it is that during political campaigns, narratives emanate from various quarters to discredit credible opponents, it is important that those who push such negative narratives look for credible points.

Be that as it may, I have in the light of this, found it needful to quickly nip things in the bud by providing the antecedents of the man in question, so that the records can be straightened as fast as possible.

Mr Dele Adeleke before joining the gubernatorial race on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, played the following roles with the stated capacities listed below:

* Director-General, Adewale Aribisala for Reps campaign organization.. 2007.

* Special Adviser (Probono Services) on MDG to Hon Wale Aribisala (MHR) 2008 to 2010.

* Lead Technical Team … Nigerian contingent to Agritech in TelAviv, Israel 2009.

* Head of Elections Operations/Situation Room Manager… Osun West Senatorial By-Election 2017

*Head of Elections Operations/Situation Room Manager… Osun Governorship Election 2018

* Panelist .. EU/ECOWAS Panel on Electoral reforms 2019.

*Head of Elections Operations/Situation Room Manager… OYO state Governorship Election 2019.

*Head of Elections Operations/Situation Room Manager… Ondo State Governorship Election.

*Head of Elections Operations/Situation Room Manager… Kogi State Governorship Election.

*Situation Room Manager; Anambra state Governorship Election.

*Member 2021 National Convention planning central working committee.

From a personal perspective, I dare say, it is foolhardy to trivialize or diminish an asset such as Dele Adeleke, who has recorded this lineup of milestones within and outside our dear Osun state. If we must criticize or discredit, let it be done with some semblance of honour.

Sunday Oguntuyi wrote from Osogbo

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