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Nigerians react as court orders Sowore’s release



Sowore rejects presidential election results, says not reflective of people's will

Nigerians have been reacting to the court order saying that publisher of Sahara Reporters Omoyele Sowore should be released.

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja on Tuesday ordered his immediate release. The court made the order after saying that there was no extant order allowing the activist’s further detention.

Nigerians took to various social media platforms to air their views on this matter.

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Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Chief Dele Momodu called on the people to be more concerned about the affairs of the government. He was of the view that the reason for impunity on the part of some African leaders is the because of the docile citizenry who allow it. He wrote: “And until Africa gets an enlightened citizenry that can keep leaders on their toes, instead of fighting for crumbs like babies, leaders with voluptuous ambitions will continue to engage in unreasonable and reckless rascality and get away with murders without reproach!”

Another social commentator with the name Young Otutu tweeted that

“Sowore was maltreated, manhandled, abused, beat-up, denied access to his immediate family & even had to go on a hunger strike just to get access to his lawyers. The cruelty is disheartening. Say no to Totalitarianism.”

For a young man with the handle @Totalsolutions, the best thing for Sowore to do after his release is to go back to America as “Nigeria is not worth dying for.” Sowore, please don’t get yourself played by betrayals who called themselves Nigerians again,” he said. “Move on and be safe for your children… They need you now… The struggle continues maybe your children’s children will fight back… But for now, leave!”

In a similar vein, Mike Agbeniyi said “Nigeria is worth dying for. Sowore once you get your travel documents, please come back to US for the sake of your kids and wife. Leave Nigeria alone, dont play a hero and die for nothing. “I’m not trying to be negative. It is based on my personal experience over the years.”

@Penopere is does not believe that the government will obey the court’s order. He said: “To obey the court is another issue on its own, we all heard the Attorney General at his screening that National Interest override any court order. Yet he was applauded by our senators. Let us wait for the AG interpretation of this court order. God help Nigeria, God bless Nigeria”

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