Army kills two in Abia as hoodlums kill soldier

The Nigerian Army has said poor road networks, communication infrastructure and the vastness of the affected communities were responsible for the attacks in Zamfara and Niger states.

Army Director of Defence Information, Major General Jimmy Akpor, who gave the excuse yesterday, asserted that the roads in those areas were very poor and the communication infrastructure is also poor.

He further explained that it takes two to three days before they get information on the havoc wreaked by terrorists, noting that military had taken this into perspective, adding that it had deployed troops to address the situation.

According to Akpor, the whole of the South-East will be swallowed by Niger State if put inside.

“The military has appropriately deployed troops to deal with the situation on the ground but you must understand these areas are vast. If you put the whole of the South-East inside Niger State, it would swallow it. When they tell you they moved from a place and went to cause havoc at another, if you don’t know how large this expanse of land is you would think it is something you can easily block and neutralise them,” he said.

“Also, the roads in these areas are very poor, and the communication infrastructure is also poor. Before we get information on the havoc wreaked by these terrorists, it takes two to three days. The road infrastructure to respond is terrible. We have taken everything into perspective and we are working very hard to ensure that no Nigerian suffers undue threat to life and properties.

“A lot is happening in these states. That is why the heat is on them and they are running from their comfort zone. It means they would not have food and resources wherever they are running to. Therefore, they would pounce on villages along the way. It is unfortunate; we are carrying out a pursuit on them. Very soon, even the forests would not be a safe haven for the.“

Recall that about nine people were killed and several others displaced when bandits on Sunday night attacked communities in the Tsafe Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Communities under Tsafe (in Zamfara) and Faskari (in Katsina State) are being terrorised by Adamu Aleru, a notorious banditry kingpin in the Tsafe forest.


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