Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader under arrest

The International Human Rights Commission, IHRC, based in Geneva has cleared Nigerian and Kenyan authorities of diplomatic breaches in the arrest and repatriation of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, to Nigeria.

At the same time, the IHRC has admitted receiving no fewer than 25 petitions from individuals and groups worldwide in respect of the IPoB leader, who is to stand trial over an alleged treasonable felony, Vanguard reported.

The international human rights body said in a statement dated July 7, 2021, and seen by Vanguard on Monday night that majority of the petitions, which came from Nigeria, urged it to conduct an independent inquiry into human rights violations and possible breaches to established international and regional diplomatic protocols.

The statement which was signed by the IHRC’s Special Envoy for Africa Region, Evans M. Mutavi, and International President for Kenya, said that it accordingly, conducted an independent investigation into the matter and found out that there was no violation of Nnamdi Kanu’s human rights in the events leading to his re-arrest and repatriation to Nigeria.

“The IHRC is committed to safeguarding the rights of citizens across the globe in line with the organization’s core mandate,” the agency said.

“The commission upon investigation is unable to establish a case of human rights violation of Nnamdi Kanu in Kenya by the special Police Forces.

“The Commission is convinced that the Kenyan Government played no official role in the event that led to Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest.

“The Commission expects the Nigerian Government to follow up the trial of Nnamdi Kanu in line with the country’s laws and respect to human rights.

“The commission has resolved to monitor the trial of Nnamdi Kanu to ensure his human rights are not violated by the Nigerian Government,” the IHRC stated.



  1. AND THIS IS HOW THIS INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT IS ENCOURAGING TERRORISM?, IF THIS RULING IS CORRECT THEN THOSE OFFICIALS THAT SAID THAT, HAS TO BE INVESTIGATED. HOW CAN YOU TELL ME THAT SOMEONE THAT WAS ABDUCTED , BEATEN , TOOK BACK TO Nigeria against his will, without even going through the due process of repartraition from his parent country, was never abused? and his human rights seriously abused?. I tell you what ,those that human right commision, who presided this ruling in the international court are supporting the ongoing terrorism in Nigeria. No wonder none of them are ready to intervene in the incessant killing of christians in Nigeria and yet when the boko haram/ fulani herds men beheads anybody there , they will be the first to carry the news. but when it matters most for them to intervene, they will be aiding the evil propriators, shame on you lots with this news, . your executives that presided this ruling needs to vacate their offices as they are terrorists themselves


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