Soji Adagunodo

The best rating of a man is in the assessments made about him in absentia, his true value reflects in the assessments, what they say matter most than praise songs in his presence.

Yesterday my birthday, you have unknowingly rated me higher and above the thinking of my foe and enemies. You have reduced their imaginary strength to mortal weakness because my strength is in God but manifest in you all. Once again I say thank you.

Everyone of us have a common enemy, just one, the enemy of progress and is the bad governance we are experiencing in Nigeria today, but has so many disciples who are assigned with specific different batons of destruction.

The birthday party organized for me in my absence by my family, friends, admirers, well wishers, leaders and elders, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and members of my political family, the PDP, clearly explained my worth.

It showed the real value of Clement Olasoji Adagunodo, your love for me and who I am to you came to the forefront and directly to the front burner of activities in Osun State during the birthday party despite that I’m several thousands of miles away. I say thank you. I cannot thank you enough.

You have all literally enslaved me, bonded me to be permanently dedicated and committed to that same course which we have all been diligently pursuing.

You have only told me with this that I should not panic, I will also double my efforts in fighting our battle and by the special grace of God, we shall achieve victory because you have rekindled my hope that you’re solidly behind me.

I’m highly elated for the powerful dictum, words of honour and encouragement you all poured out in depicting me while you celebrate my birthday today.

There’s no sufficient diction in the entire world Encyclopedias or any other collection of words of knowledge to describe your love for me. Thank you once again.

Let me just say that, I THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING. I will remain committed to you in all ways.

Joy, happiness, favour, love and goodness of God will not depart from your house.

Hon. Soji Adagunodo is the Osun state chairman of People’s Democratic Party.


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