President Muhammadu Buhari

The Igbo Women Assembly (IWA), has blamed the deteriorating security situation in the South-East on what it called dictatorial and despotic administration of President Mohammadu Buhari and the timidity of South-East governors who, according to it, have failed to sit up and defend the security needs of their people.

The President of IWA, an affiliate of Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF), Mrs. Marie Okwor, in an interview, said that if the South-East Governors had created the proper security outfit to checkmate the killings of innocent citizens by Fulani Herdsmen, the security situation could not have worsened as it is today.

“There is fear in the land. Fulani Herdsmen have been killing, maiming and raping in our land and President Buhari said nothing. It is so terrible the way the South-East has been overrun by terrorists, unknown gun-men and security agencies, and the Governors cannot speak out to condemn the military invasion of Igboland. But when the Herdsmen started their killings, where were these security agencies. The Buhari administration is too despotic”, she lamented.

Mrs. Okwo who is in her late 80s regretted the way Ndigbo were being treated under the Government of PMB as if they were second class citizens. “The Security outfits in the South East are manned by officers and personal who are not Igbos and whenever they meet, there is no Igbo amongst them. How are they going to protect us”, she querried.

The IWA President appealed to PMB to engage the people of the South East on a dialogue with a view to restoring the confidence of the people in one Nigeria. “There is the need to reverse the policies and appointments undertaken by his Government which alienated the people of the South East, to assure us that we are still needed in Nigeria, she added.

She regretted that Nigerian leaders were the ones destroying Nigeria for no just cause. “I was born and bred in the North. I only came here to get married. We were leaving peacefully, but all of a sudden we started going down the drain. Are we going back to the Stone age or what?”, she lamented.