Idika Kalu to Gumi: Don’t link Peter Obi with IPOB agitation
Kalu, Gumi

Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu, former minister of finance, has advised Shiekh Ahmad Gumi, a Kaduna based Islamic cleric, against linking Mr. Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party with the agitation of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Gumi had in a post, said that the emergence of Obi had slowed down the agitation for Biafra by IPOB members, claiming that the ‘noise’ about Biafra is all about South East clinching the presidency.

However, in an interview with Vanguard, Kalu, said that Obi’s background and upbringing had nothing to suggest what Gumi was insinuating.

Kalu asked not to link Obi with any self-determination agitation probably to de-market him, arguing that Obi’s objective was to build a more equitable economy that would take Nigeria out of the woods.

“I know Obi very well. He has worked with people from all parts of the country. His objective is to build a robust economy for the country,” Vanguard quoted Kalu as saying.

The former minister further reminded Gumi that IPOB had already denied any ties with Obi, wondering why he will be making unnecessary political capital out of Obi’s ambition.

He emphasized that instead of making remarks that could worsen the tension in the land, Nigerians should rather appreciate God for pulling the country back from the brink.

He said that a few months ago, the country was headed for the precipice until God suddenly intervened ” such that today, we are talking of 2023 election.

“We should appreciate God for the miracle of saving us from the crash. We were headed for destruction and he suddenly pulled us back. We should ask questions.”

He advised Nigerians to properly assess the presidential flag bearers and make an informed choice based on their capacity and antecedents.

The former Minister argued that Nigerians now have a common problem and need somebody who would navigate the country out of the jungle.

According to him, the issues of insecurity, hunger, poor infrastructure, lack of jobs, etc are common among Nigerians of every tribe and religion, and the people need somebody with a solution irrespective of their tribe.

Kalu noted that he knew the candidates of the major parties but advised Nigerians to choose wisely based on competence.


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