EU human rights court halts UK-Rwanda Migration deal
Protesters demand stoppage of deportation

Adebayo Obajemu


The European Human Rights Court on Tuesday gave a eleventh injunctions halting the deportation of asylum seekers from the United Kingdom to Rwanda after the United Kingdom had earlier reportedly paid Rwanda over 146 millions pounds.

The injunction stopped the first flight from departing for Rwanda.

The plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda had been widely pilloried by opponents, rights activists and charities, and religious leaders who described the act as inhumane, forcing the government to fight a series of legal challenges in London courts aimed at stopping the flight departing.

According to Al Jazeera, a handful of asylum seekers were scheduled to fly from an air force base in southwest England, but shortly before the plane was due to leave on Tuesday the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) granted injunctions to prevent their deportations.

“I have always said this policy will not be easy to deliver and am disappointed that legal challenge and last-minute claims have meant today’s flight was unable to depart,” Al Jazeera quoted UK Home Secretary Priti Patel as saying.

“It is very surprising that the European Court of Human Rights has intervened despite repeated earlier success in our domestic courts,” Ms Patel said.

The Home Secretary said the government would not be deterred in its deportation plans and would prepare for the next flight.

In the last few days, at least 30 individuals earmarked to be on the first flight successfully argued that they should not be deported to Rwanda on health or human rights grounds.

The ECHR’s ruling relating to one of the men due for deportation, an Iraqi, stated he “should not be removed until the expiry of a period of three weeks following the delivery of the final domestic decision in the ongoing judicial review proceedings”.

The High Court in London is due to hold this judicial review in July to decide on the legality of the scheme.

“Last ticket cancelled. NO ONE IS GOING TO RWANDA,” the charity Care4Calais, which had launched legal action on behalf of a number of the refugees, said on Twitter.


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