Protesters in Ibadan
Gov Makinde addresses protesters in Ibadan

Olusesan Laoye

The End SARS protest embarked upon by the Nigerian youths in different states of the country, has continued in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital and other major cities in the state, grounding commercial activities.

Since last week Thursday, the youths, in their thousands have been trooping the major streets of Oyo State holding placards with different inscriptions to end Police brutality in the country.

On Monday, the angry looking youths, with their protests blocked major roads, especially, those that lead to the commercial nerve centre of Ibadan, making free movement of vehicles difficult.

The protest as a result has paralysed businesses activities in the state, and has left commuters stranded.

Those in desperate had to trek long distances to overcome the barricades of the protesters, which are not limited to a particular place and which stretched to several kilometres

Places affected in Ibadan are Challenge, Ringroad, Mokola, New Garage, Bodija, Bere, Gate and Iwo road.

Others are Apata, Oluyole, Odoona, Jericho road, Sango, Ojoo and UI axis of the city where the protest was pronounced

There were other local areas where the youths, especially secondary and Primary School children mount roadblocks to show that they were equally involved in the struggle.

Some stakeholders of the state who spoke to our correspondents, while hailing the youths for their orderly conduct, expressed concerns that the protest may be hijacked by hoodlums sponsored by politicians hijacked for selfish reasons.

A popular Fuji musician, Said Osupa who was spotted at the challenge roudabout where the protesters were hailing him at the werkend, said that he was in Ibadan and decided to support the struggle for the liberation of the youths in Nigeria.

He said he was happy that the protest of Liberation has been very peaceful all over the country, especially in Ibadan.

Also speaking on the protest a social commentator and pitical analyst elder Moses Olorode who was also Press Secretary to the former Oyo State Governor, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo, said the Youths are toeing the right part to correct what has been going on in the country, especially police brutality and other vices which have bedevilled Nigeria since the colonial Masters left the country.

He said that from his own point of veiw, the youths are not fighting to see only the end of police brutality, but also corruption, nepotism and all kinds of attrocities being committed by the political elites who, according to him, have taken the rest of the people in Nigeria for granted, without thinking anout the future of the Country and the youths.

He argued that the youths just felt they could no longer tolerate the attitudes of those who have been at the helm of affairs and the same set of people who have been recycling power and looting the treasury with impunity as if others don’t matter in a country that”we all have a stake”

Some of the youths who spoke with our correspondent said what they are doing is a struggle which must be fought to a logical conclusion, as they would at this stage want President Muhammadu Buhari to show concern to their plights and greviances.

They said what they are fighting for now has gone beyond SARS to include addressing sundry societal decay.

They argued that since the pamdemic lockdown lasted for six months there is liklihood of their staying on the streets fo that longs, because government locked them in without food but they themselves corner the pallatives which were meant for the masses.