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Court dissolves marriage over adultery, orders sharing of properties



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By Sunday Oguntuyi, Osogbo

An Ibadan High Court, in Oyo State, has ordered the sale and sharing of properties jointly owned by Dr. Oluseyi Adebusuyi Seyi-Ojo and his wife, Mrs. Olukemi Yewale Seyi-Ojo

Justice L. A. Ganiyu, who delivered the judgment in a Suit No: I/1092WD/2018, granted the payer of the petitioner, apparently satisfied with the evidences tendered.

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The petitioner had approached the court for a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage against her husband, the respondent.

She stated that the marriage had broken and not retrievable, alleging that the respondent committed adultery, hence she finds it intolerable to live with him.

The petitioner further informed the court that she had lived apart from the respondent for a period of two years and could no longer go back into the marriage.

The petitioner sought an order of the court to have the custody of the second son of marriage and an order directing the respondent to contribute to the upkeep of the son.

She also sought an order of the court ceding the hostel in Ogbomoso to her, and the matrimonial home at Akanni Aluko street Monatan, Ibadan as well as a parcel of land in Iwo.

The petitioner sought an order of the court directing the sale of Ayokemi Hospital at Monatan, Ibadan, and all other houses except the house bought in the name of the children, and the proceed be shared equally.

In his ruling, Justice Ganiyu, granted the prayers of the petitioner and ordered the sale and sharing of the properties that are jointly owned by the couples.

The court also granted the sale of the Ayokemi Hospital building located at Dejo Dairo street, Monatan Ibadan, while the custody of the second son was not granted as the court held that he is old enough to choose where he will live.

Having admitted that the petitioner built the houses in question after going through the evidences presented, the court granted other prayers but ceded a 4block of flat at Olodo to the respondent despite the claim that the petitioner paid for the land and assisted him with N1m to roof the house.

The court ordered that tuition fee should be shared by the parties but maintenance fee of N250, 000 was to be paid by respondent till the boy is gainfully employed.

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