Elizabeth Anjorin-Lawal
Elizabeth Anjorin-Lawal

By Sesan Laoye

A Yoruba culture and tradition promoter, Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye has dragged a Nigeria actress, Mrs Elizabeth Anjorin-Lawal to a Lagos State High Court for defamation, claiming a N30 million compensation for damages done to him as a result of a “libelous publication” against him on her Instagram page on January 30 and February 1, 2021.

Oyatoye in the suite claimed that the defendant was contracted to participate in the Asa 2018 programme and that all issues relating to her participation and engagement in the Asa 2018 programme were sorted out effectively and conclusively.

He also claimed that he was, however, surprised when on the 30th of January 2021, he was called by a lot of people who told him they saw a post on social media attributed to the defendant titled: ‘ The fraudster of Manitoba and the fraudster of Winnipeg,’ which alleged that he perpetrated fraud against the defendant and people related or connected with the defendant, which the defendant allegedly introduced to him.

Oyatoye according to the writ of summons, stated that there was no justification for Anjorin-Lawal to issue the post.

Also in the writ of summon, the claimant, avered that the content of the post is damaging and disparaging and was aimed to bring him to utter contempt, disrepute and odium in the estimation of right thinking members of the Nigeria public and Nigerians in the Diaspora who know the claimant and the projector enabler and promoter of the Yoruba culture, custom and tradition.

He declared in the suit that he was compelled to brief a firm of solicitors – Messrs Eko Akete Chambers on the 1st of February 2021 to complain of the defamatory content of the post of the defendant against him.

Oyatoye further avered that Messrs Eko Akete Chambers was compelled to write a letter to the defendant on the 1st of February, 2021 which was addressed and delivered to the defendant on same 1st of February.

He noted, however, that in spite of the delivery of the letter to the defendant on 1st of February 2021, she disregarded the letter and proceeded to issue , publish and commissioned the publication of a further defamatory post against him which further and assured with recklessness.

Oyatoye, therefore, asked the court to order the defendant to promptly and immediately withdraw the post put on the Instagram and other social media platforms; tender an unreserved apology to be posted on the same Instagram and other social media platforms in which the original defamatory words were aired or posted; and to pay him N30m as damages for the wrongful and unlawful assassination of his character as well as perpetual injunction against the defendant from engaging in any other damaging post on social media or any other platform concerning, touching and or affecting him.

Meanwhile Olaniyi in a statement at the weekend has alleged threat to his life following the legal action against Anjorin .

According to him, since he filed the court action he has been arrassed and double crossed by unknown persons threatening him to withdraw the case or face consequences.

He said he has reported the matter to the Zone 2 police station where it is currently being investigated.

He also stated that apart from the Zone2 police station, the state CID in Alagban Ikoyi Lagos is also aware of the matter.



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