In the wake of xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa, the Human Rights Writers Association has called on Nigerians to stop watching Big Brother Naija, the biggest reality TV show airing on DSTV.

HURIWA said, “We are amazed, shocked, disappointed that the president of Nigeria and the government of Nigeria has watched helplessly as our citizens are being butchered in their hundreds in South Africa by black South Africans and government has so far refused to adopt and implement a stringent diplomatic blockade and measures against the South Africa business concerns in Nigeria, It is unfortunate.”

HURIWA added that Nigerians must immediately take actions while calling on Nigerians to take their future in their hands.

“We are calling on Nigerians to make up their minds and prepare within the next 78 hours to boycott DSTV, Nigerians should even boycott the Big Brother Naija.

“We are of the opinion that even the participants in BBNaija should walk out of the BBNaija immediately. Those who have MTN lines should cut it off and go for other lines.

“We must take these measures and we must start doing that without any further waste of time because the government has not done anything to stop the South Africans from Killing Nigerians and these killings are still going on and everybody is just cool about it,” the group stated.

It added, “We should cut off any diplomatic relationship with south Africa. South Africa’s xenophobic violence has demonstrated that even the South African government is guilty by association.

“There is no justification for the xenophobic attacks against other African nationals who live in South Africa.”